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Historic Restoration – East Side of Providence

The East Side of Providence is home to some of the oldest and most beautiful homes and properties in Rhode Island. Unfortunately, finding a contractor who specializes in repairing and restoring these buildings can be a challenge. In some cases, these buildings are well over a hundred years old, and preserving everything about them is not always an option. To complicate matters, a “restoration” can mean different things to different people. Some people want their historic properties to be restored and preserved perfectly, while others want their “out-of-date” homes to be modernized but with a few historic details remaining.

Whenever we restore a property, we make a point to work closely with the owners during every step of the restoration process. We first hold a conversation with you to discuss what you want to preserve about the property, what you would like to change and replace, and how you would like us to go about the project. This could be as simple as repainting and staining the exterior of your home to make it look like new, or it could involve some extensive interior carpentry work. In any case, we will work closely with you during every step of the restoration and renovation process to ensure that you are as satisfied as possible with the end result.

Exterior Painting and Staining

When many people think about the historic buildings on the East Side of Providence, what comes to mind is the beautiful exteriors that have gone largely unchanged since the day that the properties were first built. Regrettably, the paint job and siding on many of these older buildings are also typically the first things to show their age. After all, the exterior of any building is constantly exposed to the elements, and after several decades it will certainly need to be repainted and/or restained. This may be one of the simplest jobs that we do, yet it can completely change the look and feel of a property in much need of attention. We can work to restore the appearance of a building’s exterior to the way it looked when it was first built, or we can give it a whole new look with the optimum color paint. Since any new coat of paint, stain, or siding will be prone to abuse by the weather, we will periodically check with you after the project is completed to see if there are any additional repairs or corrections that need to be made. The weather in Rhode Island can be fickle, and we want to make sure that your newly restored property looks

Historic Restoration at LOPCO Contracting means bringing a piece of history back to what it most likely looked like when it was in its top form.

Historic Restoration at LOPCO Contracting is something that often encompasses combining many talents across trades to truly arrive at a finished product that draws “oohs” and “ahhs” from people that pass by and remember what the project that we tackled looked like before we laid our hands on it. It often does involve painting the interior and exterior and washing areas that desperately need it, but it also involves much more specialized work. Rhode Island is full of Historic homes and public buildings that are part of the State’s rich heritage, and our team of Historic Restoration contractors is dedicated to restoring these buildings to their former glory and beauty.

Whether it is any of the decades-old private residences that we have had the distinct pleasure of working on over the past 20+ years or perhaps a well-known architecturally prominent piece of history such as the Hope Club in Providence, RI or the Breakers in Newport, RI, LOPCO Contracting has a huge repertoire of restored magnificence throughout its portfolio.

Interior Painting and Staining

Of course, our painting services don’t just apply to a building’s exterior. We can also change the look of a property’s interior, whether that means applying a coat of paint that completely changes the decor or preserving the property’s original look by breathing a bit of life into an ancient, natural wood stained surface.


A large part of restoring a historic property can be repairing the woodwork that makes up much of the existing structure. This does not necessarily only apply to the framework of the building itself, but it might also relate to any decorative wooden components that have given the property its unique charm. While it is definitely possible that a lot of the woodwork of an older building could possibly need to be replaced during the renovation process, we understand that decorative touches are what made these buildings so special for so long, and we will do whatever possible to restore them to their former greatness. As for replacing larger parts of the building’s structure, we are adamant about using only the most sustainable lumber available. Similar to the other services we offer, we will work hand-in-hand with you to ensure that you are happy as can be with your newly restored or renovated property.

The East Side of Providence has some of the most stunning historic homes in Rhode Island. We have made it our mission to restore these types of homes whenever the opportunity may present itself. We have been very fortunate to have had many successful projects in the past ranging from modest homes to larger and more elaborate commercial buildings, and we will continue to serve the residents of the East Side for as long as there are historic properties that deserve the kind of care and attention that we provide.

If interested in discussing working with us for a historic restoration project, reach out to us at 401-270-2664 or CLICK HERE! and start the process of telling us a bit more about what you were thinking of doing! We will be happy to answer any questions you might have.
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