Replacing Cracked Glass On A Vinyl Window

Certain things that we come across in life can lead to a feeling of our heart dropping into our stomach.

These are usually related to a situation which we intrinsically believe that we have no control over.

This could be something super serious such as harm coming to someone we care about or it could be much less dramatic and relate to something which may be super annoying, but perhaps not that serious in the grand scheme of things.

One example in-line with the latter is (for those of us that have them) when we notice a cracked pane of glass in a vinyl window.

Although referring to it as a ‘vinyl’ window, this scenario would be true for clad or other non-“wood” windows as well, which are not technically ‘vinyl’, but with regard to this particular item, the same conversation would apply.

If you have vinyl windows and have ever passed by one and noticed a crack in one of their panes of glass, maybe you can relate to this sinking feeling being described.

Maybe that sinking feeling has lasted a while as you had noticed the cracked pane of glass years ago and for fear that the only way to fix it was to replace the entire window, the cracked pane has just sat there, staring you in the face every time you walk by and happen to catch a glance at it.

While understandably disconcerting, the reality of things is that you are not in as big of a predicament as you may initially believe.

For to fix the cracked pane of glass does NOT require the entire window to be replaced nor any remedy even close to that.

Whether the pane is a single pane, double pane, fancy pane with magic environmentally-efficient gas squeezed within its innards, etc., the pane itself can be changed out (often at a price which is somewhat palatable).

If the repair is conducted by a company that specializes in glass repair, sometimes the repair can be done right on site.

At most, the window sash component that the pane of glass is located in may have to be removed for a number of hours, the window hole it came out of temporarily blocked off/protected, and then properly reinstalled when the window element was brought back from the windowpane repair place.

Obviously, timing is critical with this type of repair and if at all possible, it should not be conducted on a day that the weather is not conducive for doing so (think ‘when it is raining’ as an example).

Many times your local hardware store will be able to either make the repair themselves or know where to direct you toward if they do not happen to offer this specific service.

The same can be said for your local glass company.

In the very worst case, if you have a relationship with a contractor you trust, they could also quite conceivably assist you through this process as well.

Although it can potentially be fairly disheartening when you learn about a cracked glass pane on a vinyl window within your home, all is absolutely not lost as the repair of this issue is probably a lot easier to have taken care of than many folks realize when the damaged pane is first found.

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