Doors And Windows Installation

Why hire a company that started out as a painting company for doors and windows installation at your home or business?

After all, there are tons of companies that actually SPECIALIZE in door & window installation.

The reason? Because these types of companies SPECIALIZE in door & window installation.

Confused? Understandable. Let’s dig deeper…

When LOPCO Contracting added its carpentry division years ago, we noticed a HUGE segment of the market that was grossly being underserved.

There were A LOT of companies out there who did a REALLY good job of installing doors & windows.

The challenge seemed to come after the installations were done. Yes, the installations were often executed to perfection with everything functioning perfectly.

The problem that arose seemed to not have anything to do with the door or window installation.

What the issue was, was that a good majority of these projects NEVER looked like finish products!

Although these companies were really good for doors and windows installations, very few of them seemed to want to attempt blending in the finishes of the areas around the door or window that they installed.

Even more so, those that did attempt to blend in finishes, whether a paint, stain, or anything in between, did not seem to be that great at it…

Enter LOPCO Contracting into the world of door and window installation.

When we install a door or window, it looks like a seamless production.

It appears as if the door or window were always there.

In new construction this is not that big of a challenge. Where we really excel however is when we install doors and windows in a home that has been around awhile and after our install is complete, it looks as if the door or window were always there.

This is certainly not easy. But it is something that we have grown to specialize in over the years. This is where our roots in the painting industry really reward our Clients. On top of all this, our work is guaranteed by a 5-year warranty & service plan that has nothing approaching it in our industry! CLICK HERE TO CHECKIT OUT! Whether new construction or in a replacement capacity, our service experts on both the carpentry and painting side of the business will leave a product that you can truly be proud of and whether you like it or not, will have you in a position to be envied by your friends and family. It literally looks that good!
If interested in discussing working with us your door or window needs, reach out to us at 401-270-2664 or CLICK HERE! and start the process of telling us a bit more about what you were thinking of doing!
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