On-Site Inspection Fee:

$472 (with cost of inspection being credited back to the cost of the project if hired to do the work reviewed)


Minor Repair (example: replacing one window sill): flat-rate of $988

Miscellaneous Minor Repairs: flat-rate of $4880

Miscellaneous Major Repairs: $4880+

LOPCO Contracting

The goal of our Carpentry Services is not just to make repairs, but to stop the issues that caused the need for repairs in the first place! Our carpentry services not only make your home or property look better, they minimize future repairs in the manner in which they are carried out. We want you to be the owner of that home or property in the area that everyone driving by stops to admire!!!

LOPCO Contracting has some of the most skilled professionals working for us in the business. We are always mindful of best industry practices and what is new and exciting within the realm of carpentry services so that our workmanship lasts for years to come. We cannot stress enough how honored we are to be looked at as a premier deliverer of high quality carpentry services in Rhode Island and Southern New England.
We can be contacted for all of your interior and exterior woodwork and similar construction needs, including amongst other things:

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Our Services

Select LOPCO Contracting, for your home and property enhancement requirements. Witness the impact that years of unwavering dedication and a pursuit of perfection can bring. Get in touch with us today to explore your project and uncover how we can elevate your property into a timeless masterpiece.


We are THE Rhode Island contractor to contact if you are searching for that perfectly built deck!

We do the job well so that you don’t have to deal with uneven deck construction, decks that can’t handle the needed weight, or a wide variety of other challenges that are often associated with decks that are not built correctly.

Doors and Door Frames

We make sure that door and door frames are installed, replaced, or repaired properly — plumb and square is the name of the game!!!

We are also careful to insulate between the frames as necessary to avoid unwanted air penetration.

Rotted Wood

We repair or replace rotted wood on an EXTREMELY consistent basis. Rotted wood is usually caused by wood absorbing moisture

over an extended period of time. LOPCO Contracting will not only repair or replace damaged or rotted wood, but will also seal it as appropriate to make sure that moisture is locked out!!! This process ensures that the wood remains in optimal condition for as long as conceivably possible.


Our trim carpentry ensures that you have an impeccable finish that is as beautiful as can be. The finish work is just as important

(if not MORE so!) as any other carpentry work since it is what you and your guests will most often see. Exterior trim can also have composite material utilized in its installation process; this has certain advantages over wood trim in certain applications (we would be happy to review this with you if you so choose!).

Windows and Window Sills

We sell and install both new construction (often requiring new exterior & interior window frame & trim) and replacement (often re-utilizing the

original exterior & interior window frame & trim) windows. In case your window sills or trim are rotting, we have the capability to address these types of issues as well and replace the piece in question. New window installations will also be as well insulated as possible to guard against air penetration. Unique in our industry, LOPCO Contracting has the ability to do many other things in conjunction with our carpentry, with all focus being on the highest levels of craftsmanship; skills such as painting, deck care, plastering, masonry and powerwashing (amongst many others!) are exhibited by staff members on a regular basis with the goal of delivering our clients the most enjoyable overall contracting experience that they have ever come across. The knowledge gleaned from such extensive work over a long period of time has always allowed us to see the bigger picture as we offer carpentry services within the home improvement marketplace. By hiring LOPCO Contracting to perform carpentry services around your home or property, you are assured of your woodwork fitting in seamlessly with your home or property’s existing environment – just as should be the case!!!

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More About LOPCO

LOPCO Contracting is a Home Improvement Contractor that cares deeply about each Client while aiming to exceed expectations at every stage of the project.

As a LOPCO Contracting Client one is assured of:

LOPCO Contracting is very fortunate that their commitment to excellence has earned them a wide variety of raving fans over the years. They are always pleased to hear from satisfied customers who cannot wait to recommend them to their friends and family.