Bulkhead Installation RI

Bulkheads are very interesting features on people’s homes. A bulkhead installation is not recommended as a DYI project.
Bulkheads allow access to the basement from the exterior of the home.
An increasingly smaller percentage of the time, they are made out of wood.
These days, the vast majority of the time one will find that their bulkhead is made out of steel.

Sometimes bulkheads can be found to be made out of fiberglass.
Bulkheads are also sometimes referred to as cellar or basement doors.
Whatever it is made out of and whatever one calls it, there are certainly many options for whom to turn to for bulkhead installation and/or fabrication.
There are many challenges to replacing or installing one’s bulkhead.

Whether installing a bulkhead on the home for the first time or replacing an old bulkhead that has corroded out, LOPCO Contracting prides itself with being able to customize your new bulkhead to your individual needs.
Our bulkheads are custom made out of steel and painted to the desired color of our Clients.
We enjoy filling this niche.
If someone wanted us to custom make a bulkhead out of wood, we could certainly do so as well.

We do not specialize in fiberglass installations.
It is possible that a standard-size bulkhead could fit your opening and we appreciate that.
However, there are reasons we prefer to custom make our bulkheads in the manner in which we do.
We believe steel to be much more durable than wood.
We also believe that the paint coatings which are applied by us are much more forgiving to things that may potentially mar the finish than fiberglass finishes or even powder coated finishes.

The biggest thing that sets our bulkhead installation apart in our industry is our REAL DEAL 5-year warranty & associated service plan CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE!

When our bulkheads are installed , they truly are a seamless finish that is made to appear as if they have ALWAYS been there.

Any carpentry or paint/stain finishing needing to be incorporated into the install to make this happen is appropriately done so. We install bulkheads for both residential and commercial applications. If interested in discussing working with us for your specific bulkhead needs, reach out to us at 401-270-2664 or CLICK HERE! and start the process of telling us a bit more about what you were thinking of doing!
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