Deck Repair & Refinishing Services

One of the more enjoyable places that folks hang out at home is on their decks.

Because of a variety of factors, deck areas are as challenging to maintain as they are to relax and have fun on.

Particularly if your deck is made out of wood, there could be quite a bit of maintenance involved in order for your deck to keep its beauty and long-term structural integrity intact.

If your deck is made out of composite material, its upkeep may be limited to simply washing it as needed.

With wooden decks (pressure treated, mahogany, Ipe, and the like), the amount of care that is necessary will fluctuate but will certainly be MUCH more than if the deck were made out of composite material.

At the very least, it will need to be washed more often as wooden decks tend to have a bit more mold and mildew growth occur over time than their composite cousins.

Decks with a clear, natural finish are the easiest to maintain as these type of decks can have their natural finishes applied (after they are washed and are allowed to dry out) through either spraying, brushing, or rolling.

When true natural finishes are utilized, they dry to an invisible appearance and are often ideal because they allow the wood’s natural beauty to be displayed without building up a film that will eventually peel or noticeably wear away.

One of the most desirable finishes are wood toning stains.

These types of stains are preferred by many because they essentially “tone” the color of the wood with very little product buildup and do not peel “ugly” as they wear away but instead tend to gradually break down and just need to be prepped and properly recoated as their finish needs to be renewed.

Other finishes that are often utilized are semi-transparent, semi-solid, & solid stains, and porch & floor enamels.

The aforementioned list is laid out thinnest to thickest with the thicker the material, the more challenging the upkeep.

The reason for this is deck surfaces, specifically the horizontal portions of it where foot traffic & congregating moisture can accelerate the life cycle of a deck’s protective coating, usually need to be addressed with some type of maintenance every 2-3 years (minimally!) and the thicker the product on it, the uglier the coating tends to appear as it begins to fail and the more difficult it is to prep as the failing process progresses.

In addition to staying on the condition of the deck coatings to make sure they stay intact and are doing what they need to do in order to continue to allow your deck to look its best while protecting it at the same time, physical repairs are also something that are often necessary when looking after your deck.

The harder the wood (mahogany & ipe in particular), the less likely you will need to address the deck in some type of repair capacity along the way.

Pressure treated decks are most prone to various types of repairs.

Whether gradual rot after a period of years or a spindle or rail that needs tightening up over a period of time, after many years of being in existence, it is not unusual for a pressure treated deck to need a little TLC (tender, loving care) from a repair perspective.

Decks tend to be great places for cooking, playing games, or just catching up with a good friend or family member over a cold beverage on a hot summer day.

Properly taking care of these nostalgia-loaded areas can ensure that memories simmer and grow for years on end without having them to be majorly overhauled. 

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