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Is Your Ceiling or Roof Leaking?

One day you wake up to find, seemingly out of the blue, a small puddle of water in your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or somewhere else in your home. You look up and notice a small area of discoloration on the ceiling, but no actual drips of water falling from the ceiling onto the floor.

Are you scratching your head because you have a mysterious leak inside your home?

These types of random leaks can certainly be a frustrating puzzle to solve and if they are not quickly corrected, the resulting damage can cost you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to repair.

As they say, time is of the essence, and time is especially important when it comes to diagnosing a leak that seems to appear out of thin air.

Do your part in acting with a sense of urgency today by contacting the leak repair specialists at LOPCO Contracting.

Telltale Signs You are Dealing with a Leak

Leaks occur due to a variety of different issues that can happen on both the inside and the outside of a home. 

Here are the most common signs that a leak may be present:

  • Water stains appear on the ceiling after a storm
  • Paint and/or drywall is oddly moist
  • Dripping sounds are heard
  • Condensation forms on the walls
  • A distinct musty odor is detected
  • Paint peels and/or bubbles
  • Roof shingles begin to appear arbitrarily around your property
  • Roof shingles are found to be curling or buckling
  • A section of roof has dramatically changed in color
  • Exposed nails are found on the roof
  • Cracked or split flashing is found around the chimney, sewer venting pipe, or other roof penetrations

If you notice one or more of these indoor or outdoor signs of a leak, we encourage you to act decisively and contact us at LOPCO Contracting.

Although interior-oriented leaks, often due to a leaky pipe somewhere behind a wall or ceiling area, are many times the culprit, the wide variety of types of roof leaks can often drive someone nutty while working to track them down.

To assist in a more in depth understanding of the types of roof damage that one can experience, here is a bit of a breakdown…

Roof Damage in Rhode Island

As mentioned, the list presented above is centered around an assortment of signs that a leak may be present. 

The roof-oriented items on this list are usually easy to notice and are a clear sign that a leak may need to be fixed (as well as possible subsequent damage that may exist on your interior!).

Here is a list of 5 ways that your roof can incur damage:

Roof Damage Caused by Hail

Think for a minute about the level of damage hail does to an automobile. Depending on their condition, hail can also crack and substantially damage the shingles on your roof…and the size of the hail does not even have to be large! For example, small hailstones that fall during an average hail storm, fall at speeds ranging between 9 and 25 miles per hour – this can easily tear apart roofing materials that may not be in optimum condition!

Imagine what stronger storms with larger size hail falling at 25-40 miles per hour can do?!?

The speed of the hail combined with the size of the hail will ultimately determine the extent of the damage on roofs that are more susceptible to this type of harm.

Roof Damage Caused by Wind

Rhode Island sits in the heart of ‘Nor’Easter Alley’.

Winds blowing at even close to 50 miles per hour are more than enough to cause considerable roof damage under the most ripe of conditions for it. 

Severe storms that kick out winds significantly higher than 50 miles per hour can potentially tear shingles from a roof if the shingles are not solidly secure; this, in turn, could clearly lead to a serious leaking roof problem!

Checking your roof after every powerful storm to ensure it remains in excellent condition is an ideal thing to do!!

Roof Damage Caused by Water

In this case, by water we are referring to torrential downpours that, as one example, often accompany summer thunderstorms in our Northeastern area of the United States. 

The constant pounding of rain associated with these types of storms can slowly wear down the shingles on a roof, and in some severe cases also compromise the quality of the underlayment.

Roof Damage Caused by Lightning

Perhaps the singular most dramatic, one-shot type of damage inflicted to a roof comes from the super-charged energy delivered by a lightning strike. 

Not only can lightning trigger a devastating fire, but it can also crack or shatter shingles. The exposed area of the roof is then like leaving a welcome mat out for falling water to enter your home.

Roof Damage Caused by Ice Dams

The slow melting of snow on a home located in Rhode Island can cause a tremendous amount of damage to a roof. Ice dams form at the edge of a roof, which prevents melting snow from draining off the roof. This can obviously lead to a leaking ceiling, as well as damage to walls, insulation, and without a question, to the roof itself!

Causes of Roof Damage Other than Weather

As every homeowner is aware, two of the most dreaded words that one can hear are “leaking roof.” While weather absolutely plays a major role in causing leaky ceilings and similar types of damage, there are four other factors that can turn a rugged roof into a roof that leaks water seemingly every time it falls on it!…they are:


The expansion and contraction of shingles because of rapid fluctuations in temperature can cause a roof to age faster than it should. 

Though the saying is that “Time heals all wounds”, the opposite is undoubtedly true when it comes to roofs. 

Exposure to years of a variety of different weather elements can lead to the eventual cracking and ensuing failure of roofing materials.

Flashing Deterioration

As the thinly configured strips of metal and metal/rubber combo devices are strategically placed at the most likely spots for leaks to occur, flashing can fracture and gradually become compromised over time. 

The result from this happening is a roof that is no longer able to provide a 100% seal, protecting against water creeping into your home from the most inopportune areas.

Brick Chimneys

Although brick chimneys appear to be difficult to destroy, the fact is that the mortar holding the chimney together can gradually disintegrate.

The flashing that properly ties chimneys into the roof they come out of can also be compromised as time goes by.

If situations such as these occur, leaks can develop and initially may be a bit challenging to figure out where they are coming from.


Wild animals can wreak havoc on a roof.

We have seen this happen again and again.

Animals such as raccoons and squirrels often use their super sharp teeth and claws to damage the materials that roofs are comprised of and after doing so, create an easy entry for any type of water that falls on the roof to annoyingly enter the home.

Keeping these types of animals at bay is a sound strategy and can be done by keeping a watchful eye now and then to monitor any possible animal activity that may be going on around the roof areas.

Another important thing to do would be to keep things such as tree branches and like items (which can be used as a bridge to your roof by these pesky creatures) away from its edges.

Leak Repair Specialists in Rhode Island

The time has come for your head-scratching to stop and to allow the leak repair experts at LOPCO Contracting to solve the mystery of where the leaks in your home may be coming from.

After the leak is corrected, we would certainly love to help you out in fixing any damage that may have resulted from it!! With years of experience repairing areas that leak, the home improvement professionals at LOPCO Contracting have helped an enormous number of clients work through these types of frustrating situations!

Even if you do not have an existing leak, we can provide tips as to how to assure yourself as strong roof areas and pipe conditions in your home as possible, leading to the MOST sound protection against leaks that one can achieve.

If you have a leak that is bothersome and cannot for the life of you figure out where it is coming from, call our office today at 401-270-2664 to set up some time to discuss your situation and see if we might be able to help you out!!

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