?Ever Wondered About the Plastering Process???

  If you live in New England, I don’t really have to tell you that our part of the country is very unique when compared to other areas of the United States.   This applies across many fronts – cultural, architectural, religious, environmental, culinary… You name it!     One facet that is different than […]

Deck Project Ideas

  Although the New Year has just begun, I kid you not, if this is the year you are planning on working a deck project into your home improvement agenda, NOW is the time to get your ducks in a row, particularly if you live in New England.   Why is this the case? New […]

Selling Your Home? To Repair or Not To Repair??

  Whether your home or a family home is getting ready to be placed on the market, there is always the question that comes up as to what should be done and what should not be done. Recently, I looked at a home for a Client that was put in a position of needing to sell a home for a family member pretty quickly. They […]

What is the Best Month to Perform an Exterior Paint Job in RI?

  If you were to ask any exterior painting Contractor what the best month to paint the exterior of your home or business in RI was, you would most likely get one of two answers… You may get the ambiguous answer, where the Contractor kind of dances around the question and instead of providing a […]

When is the best time to hire a Home Improvement Contractor?

How many weeks until Spring??   11 Weeks 39 Days!! But who’s counting??? As we begin to delve into our plans for 2018, there may be home improvement items needing to be addressed on your agenda. You may be aiming to take them on yourself, hire a contractor for some help with them, or perhaps […]