?Ever Wondered About the Plastering Process???

?Ever Wondered About the Plastering Process???


If you live in New England, I don’t really have to tell you that our part of the country is very unique when compared to other areas of the United States.


This applies across many fronts – cultural, architectural, religious, environmental, culinary…

You name it!




One facet that is different than other places around the country is our construction processes.

 Many of our construction processes are quite similar to what you may find elsewhere.

 Some aspects of it though certainly appear to be utilized more in our area and are not as customary in other regions.




One specific example of this is the plastering process.


Although other areas of the country absolutely use the plastering process, it is not nearly as dominant as it is in New England.

Most areas of the country use drywall, taping, and compound as a means to construct and maintain their wall systems.


In fact, in our area, this is the system that is most often used in commercial settings.

In residential settings however, the plastering process definitely reigns.

Why is this?



Most probably because if the plastering process is done correctly (properly mixed & applied), the finished product is a much more durable finish than regular drywall would allow you to have.

As an end product, plaster is more resistant to being damaged by being hit or knocked into than drywall.

So if plaster leaves a higher quality finish, why isn’t this taken advantage of more often throughout the country?

Great question and there is certainly some good discussion to be had as to the roots of each system (plastering vs. drywall) and their histories.


From a cost standpoint, what we would bill out to blueboard and plaster a room would be very similar to drywalling, taping, and compounding one.



I am just philosophically opposed to not using blueboard & plaster.


A number of years ago, we were called in to assist with a rare, new, residential home on Cuttyhunk Island in Massachusetts.

The Contractor working on building the home was from California and his Client insisted on drywalling, taping, and compounding thru every room in the beautiful structure.


I, literally, told him that I truly believed that blueboard & plaster was the correct route to go in their situation and I stuck to my guns.

 The project was one that we did not end up working on because of this insistence and although it would have been an awesome home to incorporate into the portfolio, I simply had no interest in doing something that I did not believe was the right solution given the circumstances.

Don’t get me wrong.

We use tons of joint compound in the process of fixing repairs that we believe warrant it.

For larger expanses however, I really do believe utilizing blueboard and plaster is the way to go.


Certainly if one is looking for a harder finish on their walls, NOTHING beats a true, well done plaster finish, regardless of what area of the country one may live in!







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