Deck Project Ideas

Deck Project Ideas


Although the New Year has just begun, I kid you not, if this is the year you are planning on working a deck project into your home improvement agenda, NOW is the time to get your ducks in a row, particularly if you live in New England.


Why is this the case?

New England weather is as finicky as exists in the country.

You may believe you are comfortably planning on starting your deck project in March and before you know it, it is mid-October and your deck project STILL has not been completed.

Even if it is a relatively simple project (such as re-staining a deck), with the weather needing to be correct, the project could easily drag on for months.


Here are a number of deck project category examples:


  • Building or rebuilding a new deck from scratch
  • Converting an existing deck from wood to composite
  • Expanding an existing deck
  • Repairing a deck
  • Staining or re-staining a deck 

Any of these take a good amount of planning.

For example, if your project is simply re-staining your existing deck, the process would look something along these lines:

  • Wash/clean the existing deck surfaces
  • Properly prepare the surfaces you will be re-staining (to make them suitable to accept your stain system)
  • Apply the desired stain system  

Even a project as seemingly straightforward as this, could linger for weeks if the correct weather is not realized [solely in applying the stain, we recommend (assuming the proper temperature) the weather being free from precipitation the day before you do the project, the day of the project, and the day after the project to allow the stain to properly set].

For more involved projects, if you have not gotten the ball rolling by now, my assumption would be that you are not particularly in a rush to get the project done, and that you are ok in getting it done at some point this coming year, not necessarily ready to go come Springtime (with the idea that Spring in New England could mean March, it could mean June, or anywhere in between).

When building a deck from scratch as an example, in its most basic form, the process could look something like this:

  • Dig out areas for footings
  • Position & pour footings
  • Frame out deck appropriately
  • Install deck flooring
  • Install deck finish work (the rails, spindles, trim, etc.)

Even when helping one of our Clients, this process could take quite some time with A LOT of starting and stopping due to what the weather allows us to do or not do.

Regardless of whether the project you are undertaking is something you’re tackling on your own or hiring a professional to do, my sense is that now would be the time to work to get things together.

If hiring a professional, from our experience, deck projects are amongst the most challenging to schedule as shown by some of the variables we have reviewed here.

It is not unusual to have a deck project remain in our scheduling queue for months on end, waiting for the most ideal time possible for us to attack it.


If deck project ideas, the planning process behind them, or any other related questions may be something we can help you out with, please reach out to us.

Decks can often be one of the more enjoyable facets on the exterior of your home.


Getting them prepared so that they are at the point where they are able to be most vibrantly utilized during the nicer months, can sometimes be an unexpected painstaking exercise that if jumped on early enough, can easily be overcome.



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