The Beauty of a Built-In

A ‘Built-In’ is a term used in construction that is right up there with the best of them in terms of those that can be confusing for whomever may be hearing it for the first time. When someone thinks of something being ‘built in’, their mind may automatically gravitate toward something as simple as the […]

What is a 5-in-1?

Three decades ago, when I was breaking into the home improvement world on the painting side of the business, I was bombarded with what seemed like an endless amount of new terminology from all angles on a daily basis. ‘Primer’ ‘Alkyd’ ‘Bullhorns’ You name it, it was like an entirely new language for me. I […]

The Toilet Paper Test!

Upon first glance, when someone hears the phrase, ‘The Toilet Paper Test’, it would not be uncommon for the still undeveloped far reaches of one’s brain to automatically default to imagining imagery that would fall in-line with that paralleling the thoughts of the great 90s thought leaders Beavis & Butthead. As facetious as this may […]

Trapping Mildew Between Product Coatings

There is a scene in the classic original ‘The Karate Kid’ (1984) movie where Daniel (Ralph Macchio) is being coached by Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita) through an exercise which Daniel believes is pointless at the time. Daniel was shown by Mr. Miyagi a technique in which he should be stroking the brush when painting a […]

Frozen Pipes

Every once in a while, we get a particularly harsh cold snap in Southern New England. Though I’d imagine not as frequently as our neighbors in Northern New England, we still get them on occasion and every time we do, it reminds me how much I personally dislike the cold (I’m afraid my roots are […]

Mysterious Leaks

If there were ever a topic that I could write about and provide seemingly countless examples for, ‘Mysterious Leaks’ would certainly be at the top of the list. While unintentionally developing a bit of a reputation over the years as an expert leak diagnoser, my list of ‘out of the ordinary’ leak situations definitely has […]

How Wet is TOO Wet to Paint?

There are many inaccuracies that we have had to work through over the years which combat viable and efficient production. As in many industries (healthcare, the practice of law, you name it!), when working with a client, situations arise which should truly rely on professional expertise, yet receive pushback from the client in terms of […]

What is OSB Board?

In a period of time none of us will soon forget, the late Spring/early Summer protesting of 2020, which in many cases turned beyond aggressive, was a catalyst for a seemingly infinite number of phenomena. From the societally significant to things that may seem like minutiae to the majority of us, the effects were felt […]

Low Slope Roofing

As crazy as it sounds, not all reputable roofing companies know what they are doing. Come to think of it, perhaps that can be said about every trade. Not all reputable _____________ (fill in the trade name) companies know what they are doing. It may even be possible to apply this to every reputable company […]

What is Building Code?

When it comes to things that we are unfamiliar with, easing into the “knowledge” circle of things can definitely be quite intimidating. This is true throughout almost every aspect of life, certainly within the variety of niches and spheres which comprise the very fabric of our society. The area that I have spent the most […]