A Trick to Fixing Frustratingly Stubborn Plaster Failures…

Strolling down the aisles in many hardware and big box home improvement stores can prove to be quite the interesting exercise. While the majority of items very well may be commonly recognized, there are some items on occasion that the unfamiliar may understandably stare at and wonder, “What the heck is THAT thing used for??” […]

Exterior Paint Application: Spray vs. Brush & Roll

As with many items in home improvement, if you ask 10 different folks their opinions on the “best” methodology for applying exterior finishes to wood siding (shingles, clapboard, vertical siding, etc.), you may very well indeed get 10 different answers. Being in business since 1995 and starting as someone whose primary focus was exterior painting, […]

How Many Coats of Paint Should be Applied to the Exterior of Your Home?

As I work meeting with folks throughout the year planning exterior painting projects, one of the more intense parts of our discussions can often be the conversation revolving around how many coats of paint should be applied to their home’s exterior. I often have to re-wire in people’s minds what seems to have become a […]

Why Your Home Has Mice

Most everyone I know has some type of “fear” that totally skives them out. For some people it is spiders, for some it may be cockroaches, or it could be any other of a wide variety of creepy crawlies. For me, it is mice. If I see one of these tiny beings, I will totally […]

Cloudy & Foggy Glass Window Panes

One of the best benefits of modern windows is how energy-efficient they are. Among the many reasons they are so energy-efficient is because of the way the glass is set up in them. The glass panes of these windows are typically made with some version of two panes of glass with gas in between (usually […]

Redoing a Ceiling – Better To Go Over Existing or To Start from Scratch?

There are a number of reasons why someone may want to replace a ceiling. Perhaps their existing ceiling has some type of texture to it that is overly annoying to them. Maybe they have a large section of the ceiling that is damaged (think – someone falling through a ceiling while putzing around in the […]

Why that Old Steam Radiator Heats Up SO HOT!!!

Have you ever been in a building – an old home, apartment building, school, or other building of the sort – where the ancient, cast-iron radiator in whatever room you happen to be in at the time, heats up to the point where the heat is seemingly unbearable and, literally, forces you to open up […]

What is the Difference Between Red Cedar Shingles & White Cedar Shingles?

On the outside of our homes there are clearly a wide variety of what exists in terms of siding options. Over the years, many have opted for vinyl, cement board, masonry, or some other alternative style of sided home. Traditionally in New England, when a home is sided out of wood, there are two main […]