The Hidden Rotted Wood That is Leading Your Home to Be Eaten Away

Two homeowners that we have recently worked with have had about as good an attitude as one might imagine for addressing issues at their home that were far from ideal. In the first instance, we were working on the Client’s home and uncovered significant additional rot. Both the Client and the company knew that this […]

Acid Rain Effects on Windows

Earlier this year, we washed the exterior of a Client’s home and received a call of concern. The actual washing came out nice and the Client seemed quite pleased as the home was now free from the unsightly mildew and mold which had set in and gripped her home’s exterior in a chokehold, the challenge […]

What Happens When You Stain Over Paint?

One of the biggest benefits of applying solid stain to the exterior of your home is that typically it does not “fail” in the manner traditional paints “fail”. When people think of exterior paint failing, what comes to mind is often visions of peeling/flaking paint that is significantly unsightly and which would ignite absolute dread […]

What is a “Square”?

Similar to many areas of life, in construction, words can have many meanings. Perhaps a great example of this is the word “square”. A square can refer to many things. As with areas outside of construction, a square can mean the geometrical shape in which all four sides of this box-like figure are equal in […]

When a Doghouse is NOT a Doghouse

When people hear the term ‘doghouse’ many connotations may come to mind. One may think of the structure that Snoopy used to be depicted to be sleeping on in the old ‘Peanuts’ cartoons. The picture of a more traditional type of doghouse may also be thought of, the kind that is a roughly built, literal, […]

Why Having Gutters on Your Home “Should” Not Matter

Architects and Contractors have been arm wrestling with each other since the beginning of time. The reason being that architects love to hone in on aesthetics and contractors, on the other hand, tend to focus on practicality. In fact, sometimes if there is not someone who serves as a conduit in the middle to serve […]

What Happens When it Rains in the Middle of Exterior Painting?

Many years ago, at some point in the mid to late 90s, we were painting a home I believe in Northern RI (I want to say either Lincoln, RI or Cumberland, RI) and while we were working on the home, we got caught in a flash rainstorm. It was one of those that pop up […]

How to Prep Peeling Exterior Paint on Modern Homes

When approaching painting the exterior of your home, it is no secret that proper surface preparation should be the single most important focus in order to best ensure maximizing the longevity of the exterior paint coating. Obviously, there are other factors involved as well (quality of paint, etc.), but correct surface preparation more so than […]

How to Get Paint, Tar, Gum, etc. Out of Clothing

Recently I received a somewhat frenzied call from a good friend of mine who frantically asked, “What’s a great product to remove paint stains? Got some on my jacket and fighting to get it out completely.” Clearly, he had just received an unwelcome dose of a paint product he had been working with, marking itself […]

An Exterior Caulking No-No…

Many years ago, we were working on a project in Providence, RI that at the time when we were doing the surface preparation on the exterior of the home, we noticed there were several gaps throughout the butt areas of the home’s clapboard siding. Being an older home, this was not necessarily surprising to see. […]