When is the best time to hire a Home Improvement Contractor?

When is the best time to hire a Home Improvement Contractor?

How many weeks until Spring??


11 Weeks 39 Days!!

But who’s counting???

As we begin to delve into our plans for 2018, there may be home improvement items needing to be addressed on your agenda.

You may be aiming to take them on yourself, hire a contractor for some help with them, or perhaps a combination of both.

If hiring a home improvement contractor is something you are looking to do, whether it is for painting, electric work, installing cabinetry, etc., I really do believe that this time of year is the very BEST time to hire someone to assist with these needs.

The biggest reason for this is, regardless of the trade, once the weather appears to turn more consistently “nice”, it may be next to impossible to find someone that is most capable in executing your project in the time period that is most ideal for you.

As ‘Spring’ hits, there is an annual “RUSH” in the industry, where the phone of everybody who is looked at as a viable option for whatever it is they do, begins to ring nonstop.

At that point, it may be challenging to get the most adept people to even have a conversation about whatever project it is that you would like to talk about, never mind actually scheduling the work.

The dirty little secret in the home improvement industry is that the very best contractors pretty much have a good portion of their year already booked up by the time the weather starts to improve.

If one was to stop and think about it, there is a reason that the most sought-after contractors (those with the best reputations, guarantees, and so on…) are hard to nail down and those that are not held in such high regard are not.

Your very best chance of catching lightning in a bottle – an awesome contractor with the time to chat about your project – is going to be during the time of year when traditionally the phones just aren’t as busy.

Home improvement projects are really exciting endeavors!

When tackling home improvement projects on your own, scheduling can certainly be very challenging.

When tackling home improvement projects with the assistance of a hired contractor, planning can be even more intense.

If aiming to hire a home improvement professional in 2018 in accomplishing a project, give yourself the best shot at hiring the best professional and hire them now! Otherwise, the specific project that you were hoping to hire someone for and to have done well before Memorial Day may be getting done well after Labor Day

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