What Is The Purpose Of Lattice?

A number of years ago, I was having a conversation with a client and they were excitedly telling me a story of how the previous day they were looking for a paint product that they knew was around their home, but they just could not figure out where they had left it. Their search took […]

Can You Paint Pressure Treated Wood?

There is no shortage of old wives’ tales in the field of home improvement. As in many other aspects of life, there is guidance and methods of suggested approach regarding different aspects of enhancing your home that not only couldn’t be further from correct, but also may unintentionally cause pain in the long run when […]

What Happens When You Stain Over Paint?

One of the biggest benefits of applying solid stain to the exterior of your home is that typically it does not “fail” in the manner traditional paints “fail”. When people think of exterior paint failing, what comes to mind is often visions of peeling/flaking paint that is significantly unsightly and which would ignite absolute dread […]

What are Lap Marks?

Even though the exterior house stains of today perform much differently than their ancestors from yesteryear, they certainly embody many of their elders’ characteristics. As an example, when able to be used, long-term wise, stains tend not to be as susceptible to peeling as paint is, which has always been one of the more attractive […]

What is Cedar Bleed?

When painting the outside of your home, there are a number of head-scratching odd phenomena that can occur. They tend to rear their head in various forms. Some are super unsightly. Some are not really noticeable, but once you see them, they are hard to ignore moving forward. These annoying nuisances run the gamut of […]

Why Does Wood Turn Gray?

Every once in a while, we get a call from someone who recently noticed exterior natural woodwork at their home begin to “gray out”. It does not matter whether it is a deck in their backyard or siding on the outside of their home, it could be either or, but the question is still the […]

What Causes Pressure Treated Wood to Rot Out?

One of the main reasons why pressure treated wood is used in areas of construction that may be more susceptible to moisture exposure than others, is that it is much more resistant to rot than other wood used to build things, whether on the framing side or the finish side. Even this being the case, […]

What is the Best Waterproofing for Wood??

  If there is natural wood in one form or another around the exterior of your home, at some point in time you may have wondered, “What is the best way to go about making sure it is protected from moisture damage?”  Perhaps you are one of those folks that is ultra-diligent and uber-protective of your home’s exterior and are […]

Why Do Deck Stains Peel?

  Deck stains are perhaps THE most challenging product to adhere long term to any surface on the exterior of anyone’s home. Well, there are a few factors involved, which also tend to be intertwined with each other. Let’s start off with the obvious where most deck stains are not able to be applied to […]

The Dirty Little Secret About Solid Deck Stain…

  Earlier this past week I was watching a video of a Contractor, talking about how excited they were about applying a solid deck stain to a deck in the backyard of one of their Clients’ homes. They could not wait until they applied it to the deck surfaces (which had previously been bare), to […]