Selling Your Home? To Repair or Not To Repair??

Selling Your Home? To Repair or Not To Repair??


Whether your home or a family home is getting ready to be placed on the market, there is always the question that comes up as to what should be done and what should not be done.

Recently, I looked at a home for a Client that was put in a position of needing to sell a home for a family member pretty quickly.

They wanted to hire us to repair a window that was a bit of an eyesore and had rotted out long ago.


Visiting with the Client and putting my eye quickly to the home, there were actually quite a number of things that a potential buyer might raise up as a concerning issue before electing to move forward with a sale.

The challenge is that when a potential buyer is looking at a home to purchase, one never knows what is most important to that individual.

What might be entirely important to one person, may not be of the least bit important to another person.

In the example I provided, our Client was guessing (through no fault of their own) that whomever was buying the home may take issue with the window that was in grave disrepair.

The prospect buying the home, however, may be doing so with the intention of replacing ALL of the windows on the home and perhaps could care less as to whether this particular window in question was repaired or not, because, in the end, it was going to be replaced anyway.

On an even larger scale of this example would be folks that engage in major Kitchen or Bathroom remodels prior to selling.


I usually advise STRONGLY against doing so as Kitchens & Bathrooms tend to be rooms that folks often tailor toward their own taste some time while moving in or after they moved into a new home.

A while back, we painted Kitchen cabinetry for a Client that was in the process of selling a home.

The Client’s realtor was ultra-skeptical as the investment in having us do so was $10,000-$15,000.

The cabinets were quite dated and professionally painting them changed the entire look and feel of the Kitchen to something ultra-modern.

The realtor patted our Client on the back afterward and said they took back what they said and thought the cabinet painting job we did actually helped in selling the home as quickly as it did for the price that it sold for.


This is the exception rather than the rule.


The principle of this situation is what I would like to focus on.

Instead of playing a guessing game, my suggestion is to work with a reputable realtor to help develop a list of what to focus on.

This can often be done in conjunction with a pre-listing home inspection by a reputable, professional, home inspector.

The more guesswork you are able to take out of it, the better.

Although it is possible you may be able to nail down on your own things that may indeed need to be addressed in the best interest of selling your home the quickest for the most money, I would feel much more comfortable with a Client working with a professional (or team of professionals) to truly determined what should be focused on and what should not.

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