What is the Best Month to Perform an Exterior Paint Job in RI?

What is the Best Month to Perform an Exterior Paint Job in RI?


If you were to ask any exterior painting Contractor what the best month to paint the exterior of your home or business in RI was, you would most likely get one of two answers…

You may get the ambiguous answer, where the Contractor kind of dances around the question and instead of providing a specific month, lists the various conditions as to when exterior painting work is optimally performed.

Or you may also get the answer, which although not perfect, is a bit more fair of a response, which basically would state that around these parts, you would not know for sure until the specific year was all the way through (because technically it could have been March or it could have been August…), where you would have the luxury of looking back and seeing what actually transpired.



In this day & age of information being at your fingertips, we see homeowners constantly, not just in painting but with regard to home improvement items in general, believe they have discovered the secret answers to whatever home improvement question they may have in mind, simply by inputting some data into their smart device or computer, and resting their solid belief of the answer on whatever the technology happens to spit out, in conjunction with how it satisfies the individual’s comfort level in the response.



It is actually one of the most common questions I have been asked in my time in the home improvement industry (since 1995).

Although obviously the safe answer would be that one would not know until the calendar year has passed, I pretty much have a more direct answer.


Huh? But, but, but…


I apologize if I offended you by suggesting this, but from my experience, I have found this to be 100% correct.

How could this be?? After all, just as recently as the November I am writing this in, we have heard the weather forecasters whisper that four-letter ‘S’ word (snow) and have experienced a couple of fluke cold fronts!!

True, but on average, I very much believe (if backed into a corner) that the answer is November.


Here’s why…


  • The average daytime high in November is 52.4 degrees Fahrenheit, the average nighttime low is 35.1 degrees Fahrenheit, which is perfect with regard to providing applied coatings the smoothest cure time (not too long, not too short)

  • Rain averages throughout the year have little variance, 3-4.5 inches depending on the month, every year is different but with there not being that huge of a difference, I would remove this variable from the equation (contrast this to temperature fluctuations, as an example, July’s average high temp in RI is 82.6 degrees Fahrenheit – a difference of about 30 degrees!)


“But Tom, you all painted my home in July 6 years ago and everything has lasted great!”


We typically paint exteriors in weather conditions that are dry and allow the coating we are utilizing to cure as correctly as possible, as long as we are doing so on a surface that has a moisture content of 15% or less.

Certainly, there are an enormous number of times during the calendar year that you would be absolutely fine doing exterior coatings, if I personally had to pick a month though, it would be November.



We offer a 5-year warranty that I consider the strongest in our industry, we obviously would never coat anything that would put us in a position to have to entertain a warranty service call, as the next time we come out to paint or do something at someone’s home, it would preferably be something new, not reworking something for free that could have been avoided doing so.

As much as I believe this to be true, it seems we work through annual November challenges with Clients whose projects pop up in queue and are hesitant about not moving the project to the Spring.

I absolutely do not knock their concerns. With the amount of messaging out there – whether it be the internet, a “friend” in the industry, or even their local paint store – there is a plethora of contrarian information out there that may sway them to disagree with what I say.

While I appreciate the sentiment, at the end of the day, these individual influencers are not the ones that tend to stick their livelihood on the line by actually providing a long-term guarantee for the type of work we do in the time period we believe is good to do it in.

If you ask 10 different people, you may/may not get 10 different responses to this question.

I would be curious to see, however, how many would respond with the answer we would provide, as well as the track record to be willing to back it up for 5 years afterward.

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