Why Fall is the Absolute Best Time of Year to Paint the Exterior of your New England Home…

Why Fall is the Absolute Best Time of Year to Paint the Exterior of your New England Home…


Seemingly throughout the course of every year a question that I am often asked is something along the lines of:

When is the best time of year to paint my home?

Obviously the answer could be different in varying parts of the country.

Many times I will hedge my answer by stating what I technically believe to be true: as long as daytime surface temps are at least in the 40s, the moisture content of whatever it is that we are painting does not exceed 15%, and it is not anticipated that there will be temps lower than the mid-20s overnight, we are good to go.

Certainly anything that hovers around any of the threshold points mentioned in the previous paragraph may definitely be a little dicey (as it is with most thresholds), but navigating things through the years, we have found these weather condition parameters to be very viable.

With the above being said, Fall in New England (on average) would definitely qualify in terms of being able to meet these minimum standards.

I have found Fall to be a nerve-wrecking time in New England for those looking to do painting on the exterior of their property.

It is interesting to me as many either stay away from Fall altogether or proceed with extreme caution, walking on eggshells throughout the painting process as if Old Man Winter was staring at their back, watching their every move, waiting to strike at any moment as they were working on their project.


Although cognizant of the changing seasons, we relish Fall.

Without a doubt, Fall tends to be very enjoyable working weather in comparison to other time periods of the year, but it is also great for the products we are working with as well.

In New England, Fall is not as hot/humid as the Summer tends to be, is not as wet as the weather in a typical New England Spring (with “Spring” in New England starting anywhere from April through June…), and Winter, well…let me not share how I truly feel about Winter…

Often, I believe New Englanders fall (no pun intended…) victim to outside influences with regard to painting during this period of year. Whether it is from manufacturer edicts, thoughts they may come across on the Internet, or outside opinions of friends & family, there is much “noise” that may seem to suggest other times of year as being the best.

I appreciate all of that and am undoubtedly aware that there are other times of year that are great times to perform exterior painting (after all, I have run a company that specializes in painting exteriors in New England for almost 25 years, with our exterior schedules normally running from the beginning of April through the end of November…).

The biggest reason being that assuming the work is done within my recommended guideline structure mentioned earlier, the product being applied will have its greatest chance (on average) to dry & cure at a nice, even clip – think of soup on the stove, best cooked at a pleasant, simmering rate vs. a quick boil or with the burner a tad not hot enough.


With the 5-year warranty we offer, I would not allow our exterior painting to occur at a time period when the product was not going to be able to perform as best as it possibly could (for reasons that should be quite evident…i.e. – having to incur costs to honor our warranty with a paint failure of some type somewhere down the line…).

If you are doing the exterior work on your own, I am encouraging you to take this all into consideration when planning your exterior painting as you have control as to when in the year you would be planning to paint the outside of your home.

The challenge with trying to hire professionals with the intent to paint your exterior when Fall comes around, is that most reputable outfits may be backlogged from schedules that have experienced weather-related delays from earlier in the year.

The best time to book a professional to paint in the Fall would be at the beginning of the year where the schedule can be set up that way with (what should be) little difficulty.

Fall is a beautiful time of year in New England. For many New Englanders, a New England Fall, its beautiful colors, and relatively comfortable days are the stuff that postcards are made of and one of the things that make living in New England so appealing.

Exterior painting-wise, I feel the same way. Our staff can work in weather conditions that allow them to feel relaxed and knowing that the product we are applying is in a good place with regard to dry times is very comforting to me personally.

The sweet smell of fallen leaves, football constantly on TV, and the changing of colors in the environment are yearly reminders to me of simply a great time of year to get exterior painting work done!



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