Is it OK to Powerwash a Roof?

A question that has been asked of us quite often over the years is whether or not it is ok to powerwash your roof.  The answer is: Sort of.  In terms of actually POWERwashing the roof, as in using a ton of pressure, I believe this should NEVER be done.  Roofs in general have a tendency, particularly when […]

What Makes a Home Considered “Historic”?

    Somehow over the years we have developed a reputation of being a type of “expert” in working on Historic Homes.   I have no idea how this happened.   The same way I suppose that if you search the term, a video of me pops up describing a bunch of lead paint-oriented items. […]

What is a Lavette??

“Lavette.” Sounds fancy, doesn’t it?   If you have had home improvements done to your home in the past or even just planned on a future home improvement (daydreaming while scrolling through pictures of others’ home improvement projects, etc.), there is a good chance that you have heard the term used in the past. But […]

What is Hardware Cloth?

One item that we were asked to help out with at a recent job was to replace the screening that had been in place behind a Client’s attic gable vent windows.  Typically, the screening that is used behind these windows when they come from “the factory” is not necessarily the most impenetrable type of screening.  […]

What is the Single Thing You Can Do to Help Sell Your Home – FAST!!!???

  I preface this all by solidly stating that I am NOT a Realtor. Nor do I claim to be anywhere near an expert in the Real Estate field. That being said, I have been working on homes in Southern New England since 1995 and have had experience dealing with, literally, thousands of folks who […]

Addiction During the Holidays & Beyond…

As we are in the homestretch of the Holiday season, it is a time of year when not everyone is feeling the happiest. It is a time of year when many of us know people that may not be in the best spots emotionally that they have ever been in during the course of their […]

Tips for Cleaning Your Walls


Most people are generally aware that they are supposed to clean their floors, windows and furniture fairly regularly, but they don’t always show the same kind of attention to their walls. You may have hired some of the best house painters in Rhode Island to give your Home’s walls a fresh coat of paint, obviously […]

Common Historic Restoration Mistakes


We would all love to be able to restore a Historic building to its former glory – or at least hire the right Historic Restoration Contractors to do the job – but it’s never easy. You’re essentially fighting against time itself whenever you’re restoring a Historic property, and many of the materials and techniques that […]

Getting Your Home Ready for Spring

Spring is finally here, which means it’s time for some Spring cleaning. Depending on how you are wired, you may be either relishing the chance to air out your home and get rid of the grime that has somehow accumulated over the past several months or you may be dreading the extra housework. In either […]

The Biggest Mistake Homeowners Make When Remodeling…..

  After being in the business for close to 25 years, the biggest mistake I see homeowners make when embarking on a remodeling project is         The failure to properly plan. This failure may be due to their inexperience taking on whatever project they are doing (as the majority of people do not remodel that […]