Is it OK to Powerwash a Roof?

A question that has been asked of us quite often over the years is whether or not it is ok to powerwash your roof. 

The answer is: Sort of. 

In terms of actually POWERwashing the roof, as in using a ton of pressure, I believe this should NEVER be done. 

Roofs in general have a tendency, particularly when facing certain directions (example: North side) or being exposed to certain environmental conditions (example: consistent dampness over long periods of time), to grow a variety of all types of interesting items on them – algae, mold, fungus, mildew, to name a few… 

So if washing with a bit of pressure is NOT how I would recommend to approach things, how then would I suggest someone clean their roof? 

After all, wouldn’t the ability to clean your roof prolong thex lifetime of the roof? 

Of course it would! 

Instead of washing with pressure, I recommend washing with a ‘soft wash’ process utilizing organically-based chemicals that are meant to get rid of the aforementioned unsightliness, without damaging the roof itself. 

There are different versions of these types of organically-based products, all with varying degrees of success, but success nonetheless. 

Treating your roof with this type of soft wash process may require multiple applications. 

Once the treatments are concluded, they should prevent the type of growth that they were being used to eliminate for years to come. 

These processes are able to be used on all types of roofs: 3-tab shingles, architectural shingles, low slope roofing, wooden shingles, etc., etc. 

We help work with Clients all the time that find themselves in very confusing predicaments. 

These are folks whose roof seems to be structurally sound but looks like it has been put through the wringer because of all the disgusting-looking microscopic organisms congregating on its surface. 

The soft wash process works absolute wonders. 

Where an average roof may easily cost $10,000-$15,000 to replace, a soft wash procedure can typically be done for much less than $2000. 

This type of process not only makes the roof look amazing once the method is complete and set in, but it preserves the roof from a shortened life cycle by getting rid of these tiny beings which, literally, eat away at their surfaces. 

If ever hiring someone to conduct this type of treatment for you, it is imperative that it is done correctly. 

If anyone goes to wash a roof and is not experienced in doing so, a whole lot of damage can result. 

I would never recommend someone to wash their roof, soft wash process or not, if they have never tried their hand at washing a roof before and/or been trained to properly do it. 

If the correct technique is used, a roof can absolutely be safely washed without causing any damage and accompanied with eye-pleasing results that will have a protective, stabilizing effect on its surfaces for years to come. 

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