Addiction During the Holidays & Beyond…

Addiction During the Holidays & Beyond…

As we are in the homestretch of the Holiday season, it is a time of year when not everyone is feeling the happiest.
It is a time of year when many of us know people that may not be in the best spots emotionally that they have ever been in during the course of their life.
Typically I obviously tend to focus on home improvement-oriented items when I send out weekly email/blog-posts.

With the time of year being what it is though, I thought it to be appropriate to write a piece focusing on this subject.



Addiction takes on so many different forms and is often very hard for those not affected by it to truly comprehend how deep of a challenge it is for someone to work through.
Like many others, I have known dozens of people that have battled these types of demons.

Whether it be related to the opioid crisis our country is currently experiencing, alcoholism, or any other of a wide variety of substances, those prone to the hold that addiction can really place on one’s soul are particularly vulnerable this time of year.

Even those that have been able to remain in control over their addiction torments know that they are highly susceptible to falling back into the trap when working through any of life’s challenges – a relationship that did not work out, situations that may develop with their children, work-related issues, a financial hit that comes seemingly out of nowhere, etc., etc.




It does not take much for someone to fall back into a lifestyle that they have spent an enormous amount of time working hard to steer clear from (NFL star Josh Gordon may be one of the more prominent examples of this in our recent history)




The Holidays are a particularly sensitive time as emotions run high due to family dynamics and financial pressures to perform in certain (perhaps unfair) lights that are much higher for pretty much all of us existing during Holiday-time than at other points of the year.



Addiction is not some catch-phrase phenomena that is to be used as a type of an excuse for occurrences in any individual’s life.
Addiction is a real deal, overwhelmingly tragic disease that affects so many of our family, friends, and us throughout the year and one that constantly has me praying for anyone impacted by it in any capacity.

Knowing all this, please watch out for one another as the Holiday Season culminates, and we all head into a New Year and New Decade that holds so much promise for each and every one of us!

If you or somebody you know needs help
Click Here for a list of resources provided by Healthy Place.



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