Why Winter is the Best Time to Sell Your Home…????

Why Winter is the Best Time to Sell Your Home…????

Obviously, I am FAR from a Realtor.

Because of the way my business operates though, a strong pulse on the Real Estate market is a by-product of which provides me tremendous insight as to how the Real Estate market (at least in Rhode Island…) tends to flow.

One of the people whose words I gravitate toward the most in History is

Earl Nightingale, he once said…

“Watch what everyone else does – do the opposite.
The majority is always wrong.”

Typically, I love to apply this to my business as often as I can, but in this case, I believe it applies to Residential Real Estate as well.

I hear time and again when people are deciding when exactly they are aiming to put their home on the market, they aim for the “Spring” or somewhere close to it.

The problem with that?

“Everyone” is aiming for the “Spring”.

Granted in more robust “Sellers’” markets, this may not seem like a big deal.



I believe if one truly would like to maximize the dollar amount and quickness of the sale of their home, “Winter” would actually be the “Best” time to work to do so.



I say this after having conversations over time with a number of

Realtors about this subject.

In Winter, there is less competition from others trying to sell and the buyers that are out there are VERY serious.

Beyond this, in prepping to sell the home or when a buyer buys it, lining up Contractors to help in either case is a lot easier in the Winter than it is in other parts of the year as, frankly, Contractors in general are just not as busy in the Winter (and, hence, can get to you quicker and you will have a better chance of your project running more smoothly than at other times of the year).



I’m sure this is definitely a debatable topic.



If you or someone you know is contemplating putting their home on the market however, I encourage the decision to not be based on the fear of “Winter” or relying on the seemingly ideal time of “Spring” to put it on, but to be possibly be bold and do what “no one” else is doing and take advantage of a perhaps golden opportunity that so many others are letting pass by them.


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