Where in the WORLD are these Water Stains coming from ?!?!?

Where in the WORLD are these Water Stains coming from ?!?!?


Possibly one of the most disconcerting feelings of any home or business owner

is seeing a water stain popping up on a ceiling within their property.


Water stains and where they actually come from are seldom thought

of until they are noticed and a queasy feeling can often set in from there…

Where is it coming from?…
Do I need a new roof?…
Is mold forming up there???…


These are all VERY natural reactions once this phenomenon is observed. 


So then, what are some possibilities ???


Assuming you have eliminated an interior cause

(leaky pipe spilling bath/toilet water from the bathroom above, etc.)

there certainly are a number of potential exterior candidates of the cause, here are several:

The Chimney Flashing:

  • Either where the flashing meets the chimney, how it is tied into the roof, or how it is layered in altogether.

Flashing of Roof Penetrations:

  • Roof penetrations could be sewer venting pipes, exhaust pipes, etc. – if the flanges or flashing along any of these penetrations are compromised, this is a prime candidate area for allowing moisture to seep in.

Flashing along Dormers or Built-out areas:

  • The flashing in these areas can often not be installed correctly or perhaps it does not extend far enough on either end of it to properly protect the area.

The Roof Itself:

  • Although not as often the culprit as you might think (most often water stains stem from some type of flashing issue), if the roof has just worn beyond its useful life, then water staining could absolutely be coming through “nail pops” in the roof shingles, shingles whose grip or grit has worn away, etc.

The Flashing along the edges:

  • The drip edge, ice & water shield under the roof underlayments in these areas, etc. – a specific main purpose of these types of safeguards is to help keep water coming in from the edges of the roof; if they do not exist or are not properly installed, one definitely could have a challenge of moisture infiltrating from these points and causing some type of water staining underneath them.


As disheartening as discovering a water stain on ceiling areas can be, the source of the water stain is most often one of the items that were reviewed above.

Moisture leaks that lead to water staining can be extremely tricky to pinpoint.

Hopefully, this list may be able to shed some light on aiding in identifying potential causes of these frustratingly common annoyances!


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