When is the Best Time to “Blank”???

When is the Best Time to “Blank”???



On this particular afternoon, while driving home from my daughter’s tumble practice, I noticed how beautiful it was outside.

It is a Saturday, heading toward later May, and I could not help but notice how many people were outside and either working on or having someone work on the exterior of their home.

As these observations were circulating around my brain, I stopped and thought to myself that this might actually be the nicest Saturday since the previous July.

Being in a business that is enormously dependent upon workable exterior weather, I definitely am always paying attention to things like this.

With last August being so hot & humid, September through November being the rainiest stretch of Autumn on record, Winter hitting, April setting the record for the most days of rain, and a transition into May that has seemingly been just as wet, one could argue a day like this one has NEVER been MORE earned!!

It is no wonder people are outside fixing,

planting, and replacing things.

I often get asked,

“When is the best time of year to ______________?”



Could mean Paint…

Could mean Replace your Roof…

Could mean a wide variety of other

Home Improvement-oriented items that are prevalently

dependent on the weather being conducive to doing them.

New England being New England, the answer I usually give is it very much depends on the year.

We have some years that if I looked back on the calendar year on December 31st, the best time to paint the exterior of one’s home, may have been in February (with the temps happening to be consistently in the 40s, without dropping too frigid at night, and a dry, non-precipitative stretch of weather).

Now, if I generally went around these parts recommending February as the best month to paint the exterior of someone’s home, I would most likely get several odd stares.

The reality of the situation, however, although rare, could very well have this be the case.

It is often said that if you do not like the weather in New England, wait 5 minutes.

I TRULY believe this!!

Although the weather currently outside is stunningly magnificent, unfortunately, we are not able to bottle it up and spread it over other periods of the year.

We can play the weather cards as they’re dealt to us though and keep an open mind in terms of when we aim on getting work outside our homes and businesses done – and be EXTREMELY patient with the process.


For gorgeous days like this one we are experiencing now, are not easy to come by, particularly in this area over the better part of the last year.






When we do stumble upon nice stretches of weather, it is great to be able to maximize the opportunity to get stuff done outside – whether it be a freakishly nice stretch in February or a terrific day in May that all of us in New England might have been waiting quite some time for!!




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