What on EARTH is going on with this Weather???

What on EARTH is going on with this Weather???

No, it is not your imagination.

I know, I was thinking the same thing…



A good friend of mine, Harry Adler, has been an owner of Adler’s Hardware in Providence for quite some time.

His family has owned the business since 1919 and suffice it to say, they have experienced quite a bit of New England seasonality over the years when it comes to the weather.





Within the last week or so I popped in to pick something up and happened to run into Harry. He and I shot the breeze for a few minutes and the topic of the weather came up. Being in business for just under 25 years myself, we had a brief conversation of how rainy the last several months had seemed to have been and the different types of impacts this type of pattern can have on our businesses.


Within a day of our conversation,

I saw the following graphic put up by Channel 10 in Providence…

This was put up prior to a bunch of precipitation that we experienced this past week.



I kind of shook my head in disbelief as it confirmed the thoughts that both Harry and I had, with the added rain expected in the coming days, I quickly realized that this was going to be the rainiest Fall on record in RI.




I emailed Harry the graphic and he quickly replied confirming now that what we had literally just discussed was not solely a figment of our imaginations!

Couple all the rain we have gotten with the good amount of snow that seemed to catch us off-guard as a whole this past Thursday, and we definitely have had quite a stretch of weather.

A few years ago, we got snow right before Halloween and I remember taking my daughter Trick-or-Treating and seeing some people with tiny snowmen in their yards.

I also remember Thanksgiving Day almost 30 years ago when we received a snowstorm that was actually quite heavy.

If you want to look at one month further back from this stretch, August was enormously hot & humid with conditions that were not at all easy to get exterior work done.

To Re-Cap, August was extraordinarily hot and humid, we have had the rainiest September through November stretch in recorded history and now we just got whacked with several inches of snow in Mid-November (we have been in a cold stretch that has seen our temps running much cooler than average for this time of year).

As you might think, the weather of the past 4 months has not really done wonders for

our Exterior schedule.

Scheduling has absolutely been as challenging as it has ever been!

We have projects that probably should have been completed in August that we are still chipping away at, working to get done.

We also have quite a number of Clients chomping at the bit for us to arrive for exterior-oriented projects that are booked and in our Production schedule for this year that we have not been able to begin as of yet.

All of this weather has caused me to continue to shake my head in disbelief as I look at our Production schedule each morning with our Operations Manager….

To say that it has been a struggle to get exterior projects done the last 4 months would be one of the bigger understatements one could make.

I have had many meetings & conversations with Clients, at times even sitting across the table from them, over the past 4 months, doing my best to encourage them to hang in there and trying to reassure them that we are doing the best we can to push through our work.

Projects can often have their own individual challenges, when you have a weather pattern like we have been going through though, it adds a whole new dimension to things.

Believe it or not, the biggest challenge may not even be with the current Clients whom we are working toward completing their projects and/or getting to the ones we have not gotten to as of yet on this year’s schedule.

Nor is the biggest challenge necessarily with those that have already reserved a slot in our Spring 2019 schedule.

The biggest challenge I believe is going to be for those Clients that are waiting for after the 1st of the year or the Holidays to “pass” to book their Spring 2019 work.

Unfortunately, there may be little that we will be able to do in terms of getting them into “Spring” at that point.

If you have lived in this area long enough, you know that Spring in New England could mean the end of March, it could mean the beginning of June, or anywhere in between!

Heck, sometimes it seems like we go right to Summer

from Winter and skip Spring altogether!

Even with the 30+ workers we are fortunate to have in the field, if the weather is not on our side, the schedule can have a huge trickle-down effect, even into the coming year.

The most prudent thing to do if you were really hoping to get on our schedule for Spring 2019 is to book as soon as you possibly can.

You may just want to have a project done “sometime” in 2019 and if that is the case, you should be OK in terms of booking things if it were done in the next couple of months.

If you are looking to get on our Spring schedule for this coming year however,

I really encourage you to hurry.


If you are already booked for Spring 2019, or if we have a 2018 project we are in the midst of working on or getting to, you are in good shape.

Without a doubt,
things will shore up as the weather allows.

We have appreciated everyone’s patience as we work through things as I firmly believe we still have some good exterior weather ahead (typically temps in the 40s are ideal).

If you are thinking about having us do work in Spring 2019, I do urge you to please book as soon as possible as there will be projects we are tightening up from 2018 possibly still needing to be completed and there is already a healthy list ahead of you of those who have reserved slots for Spring 2019.

Admittedly, I have been waiting 5 minutes for 4 months now, but do have Faith that the weather will allow us to keep moving forward with our schedule, even if we have to battle through it in chunks at a time!!

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