What is Lurking Behind YOUR Walls???

What is Lurking Behind YOUR Walls???


One of the areas of one’s home that the goings on within are pretty much completely unknown to every homeowner, is that space in between the exterior walls of their home and the interior walls of their home.

This “invisible” area would pretty much never need to be accessed, unless, of course, it needs to be accessed.

So when, might you ask, would this area need to be accessed?

Great question!!


Once in a while, as unpleasant as it is to think about, an animal may unfortunately pass away and start decomposing within the wall.

You will certainly notice this as a very pungent smell will emanate from the wall, and you will be probably scratching your head as you try to figure out where this is coming from.


Another example is sometimes a pipe can develop a leak and start to drip behind the wall.




Depending upon the route the water takes, it may or may not be easy to tell where specifically the leak is coming from, other than, “someplace in the wall”.








Still another example is that it might be recognized that something is wrong with the wall itself.


We ran into this recently when a Client was about to have some work done on the home and she noticed her entire wall was swaying back & forth when she pushed on it.



Very unsettling, as well as uncommon, – but it does happen!!




In each of these cases, the only way to get to the root of the issue, is to open up the wall where it makes the most sense to do so and start investigating.

These types of situations (and I’m sure you can most likely think of more!) are beyond annoying, as not only does the wall have to be opened up, but then the problem has to be eradicated, and then the wall has to be put back together and finished.

As much of a hassle as these circumstances are, they are a necessary evil, so to speak, in terms of taking care of the issues mentioned.

As in the examples above, there could be quite a number of things going on within our walls that we simply would have no idea about, until the time came when something grabbed our attention, and pushed us to venture into these parts unknown!




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