Washing Your Windows…

Washing Your Windows…

Now that our Spring weather has FINALLY started to warm up, many people are opening up (and keeping open!) their windows for the first time in months!

As our windows open and stay open more consistently, it is a great time to take note of their condition to make sure that we are fully able to enjoy having the fresh air come into our home, and not have to worry about window-oriented maintenance issues during the coming months.

Here are some window maintenance items to particularly focus on!


  • Condition of window screens – make sure that there are no gaping holes, rips, or tears that could allow unwanted pests in.
  • Make sure storm windows freely move up and down, lock where they are supposed to lock, and seem like they stay within their tracking.
  • If you have tilt-in windows, test each window to make sure they easily tilt-in and then reconnect back into their track without an issue.
  • Clean your windows – both sides (including storm windows!!)! I recommend doing this twice a year (once in Spring; once in Fall) – use a squeegee when doing so for maximum effectiveness instead of just pushing the dirt around on the surface of the window with newspaper or paper towels.
  • Check the hardware condition of your windows – ensure that all cranks and locking mechanisms are doing their job properly!!

If it is found that window maintenance does need to be enacted,

many local hardware stores or handymen specialize in these types of types of repairs.

Living in New England, we have a limited time period during the year where we can comfortably have our windows open and enjoy the fresh air from outside if we choose to do so.


To make sure that we make the most of this time period, staying on top of the condition of our windows is an absolute must!!!


If you get stuck, feel free to reach out to me and I will be happy to guide you in the correct direction!!



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