Those PESKY Leaks!!!

Those PESKY Leaks!!!

A request that I have often heard over the past almost 25 years that I have been in the construction industry, is from a bewildered home or business owner that has a leaky “something” that is driving them absolutely insane!

Usually the case is that water is leaking in their home or business from somewhere, but they do not have a clue as to from where.

Some leaks are simple and are very quick to source; such as the time I found holes in someone’s roof because they had a satellite dish removed but never filled the holes in the roof after removing the screws that held the dish in place.

Some leaks are much more complicated and take a VERY long time to find; such as the time I had to track a leak over a period of several months before eventually figuring out it was leaking in from where a window jamb/sill seal that had been compromised in a minuscule fashion (but big enough to allow water in if thoroughly saturated!).

One of the biggest challenges with finding leaks is that many times one can only test if they have been neutralized when certain conditions are present.

Some leaks only happen, literally, once every couple of years when rain is hitting the area the leak is stemming from with just enough volume of water at just the right angle.

Other leaks are related to snow or ice damming and can only be found when there is just the right amount of snow or ice built up somewhere and it begins to melt into the home.

Interior leaks can be just as challenging as there is a plethora of possibilities where they can stem from – a leaky shower pan, a seal in a sink that has freed up, a leaky caulk-line in a bathtub or shower, etc.

Whether it is an exterior or interior source of leakage, the two things that one most recognize they need in order to properly find where the leak is coming from and then correct it are patience and trial & error.

Patience is needed because it can sometimes take so long with the number of variables involved to find the leak.

Trial & error is needed because this is really the only way to 100% find the leaks and be able to correct them from there.

Leaks can certainly drive one batty!; but if it is recognized that patience and trial & error are more than likely going to be needed in order to make sure the correct leaking spot is found, it will surely be A LOT easier on one’s psyche!!

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