This Week… The Challenges with Skylights!!!

This Week… The Challenges with Skylights!!!


Skylights can be an awesome feature to someone’s home.
Skylights allow natural light to both warm and brighten interiors in ways that artificial lights
(think lightbulbs – whether incandescent, fluorescent, or LED)
just cannot do.


If you have a vented skylight, you also have another way to increase airflow in the home and allow fresh air into your home on days when the inside may be a little stuffy and the outside air may be a bit cooler and more refreshing.

These days, skylights (as with many things) are sleeker & fancier and have more “bells & whistles” than ever before.

Skylights can have shades associated with them (both inside & outside of the glass).

Skylights can have their features (open, closing, etc.) dictated by remote controls – and EVEN off your smartphone.

Some skylights interact with the elements as they can be solar powered and reactive to rain (knowing when to open or close trough rain sensing technology).

As wonderful as skylights can be, they definitely have their own set of challenges…


Older skylights often present huge issues as they can leak and the glass on them could be out of code and actually magnify sunlight to unsafe levels.

Besides the skylights themselves, the flashing around them may give way and leak.

If you are in the process of re-roofing, I always recommend that if you have older skylights, that they are changed out (or covered over if for some reason you would like to see them removed) at that time as it is a whole bunch more easier to address skylights in this manner when the old roof is off than trying to install them when they are within a roof system that is not being changed out.

Sometimes you don’t have a choice, for whatever the reason may be, the existing roof is not at the point where it needs to be changed out and the skylights that you have may be experiencing significant problems.

In these situations, finding someone that truly knows how to properly change out skylights within an existing roof system can be particularly difficult.

This is where you have to be REALLY careful (if you are not, the results could be disastrous)!!

Another challenge with skylights is ongoing maintenance.

Cleaning the glass (both inside & out) is a bit different than a normal window because you have to often do it from a precarious ladder situation on the interior and the exterior glass usually can only be cleaned from the roof.

If the skylight is vinyl on the outside & vinyl on the inside, maintaining its finish is normally not something that you have to be concerned about.

Although skylights may have a finish on their exterior that is weather resistant, their interior finish can often be wood and will need to have its paint or stain kept up with.

These areas are super easy to forget about maintaining because they are so high up and people don’t really think about paying attention to them.

The sun’s powerful rays, however, are brutal to skylight interior wood finishes and grossly influence an accelerated wearing process that if you are not careful, can creep up on you and cause more work to keep up with vs. if one is actively able to remember to check their finishes every so often and address problems as necessary.

Skylights can unquestionably be a tremendous feature to one’s home.

If you are able to accept and work with the challenges skylights present, than you absolutely will have an aspect to your home that greatly livens whatever room they may be located

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