The Wonderful World of Exterior Door Finishes ?

The Wonderful World of Exterior Door Finishes ?

One of the more interesting things I learned to appreciate when venturing into the Home Improvement industry, way back in 1995, was how much pride people took in the appearance of their exterior¬†doors ‚Äď particularly their front ones!

I learned REALLY quickly of just how important a feature these were to the majority of the homeowners I began to work with.

The exterior door finishes (again, most specifically the front doors) seemed to be a reflection of the homeowner’s personality.


Sometimes it may only be a matter of color.


Recently we worked with a Client who is simply in love with the color ‚Äėred‚Äô when it comes to accenting things around her home.


Not just any color ‚Äėred‚Äô however, the color red that those big plastic cups are that we all often see at parties.


This particular Client masterfully incorporated this specific red in key places around her home, including her front door.


I will absolutely admit that she very much utilized this color perfectly, and that using this red as her front door color could not have made more sense.

Another recent Client had a stunning wood door that had an exceptionally old finish, which certainly had seen better days.

We had our top wood refinisher work on it and he was able to restore it beautifully to a super impressive finish!

The Client could not have been more genuinely happy for what transpired as their front door regained its prominence as the centerpiece of a gorgeously restored rural home.



Still another example of a modern finish on exterior front doors was a hybrid new door/older door combination of a home we had recently been working on.

The door finishes seemed to be the cherry on top of the sundae, as the Client elected to go with a super high gloss, black finish that eventually led to stunning finishes rivaling the appearance of mirrors.

These finishes solidified the vibe of the home’s exterior, bringing home a project that was a bit of a renaissance in combining new with old, and further allowing older portions of the home to be sewed together seamlessly with newer portions of it.



Whether you live in the middle of the city, deep in the woods, or right on the ocean, picking the correct front door finish can allow your personality to show through, in a nuanced manner, where anyone who passes by your home might not have a choice but to notice!


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