The Next Big Thing in Home Improvement…

The Next Big Thing in Home Improvement…

Whether it is Home Improvement, Fashion, Automobiles, etc., trends come and go and usually come back around again.

One good example of this in Home Improvement is Residential Wallpapered Walls.

Wallpapering one’s walls used to be enormously popular as there was quite a long period of time where you would be hard pressed to walk into someone’s home without seeing some type of wall-covering somewhere, if not throughout the home.

In the last few decades, wallpapering in the home has seemingly lost its luster as more and more homeowners were opting for removing the wallpaper and painting the walls (with few exceptions – i.e. a bathroom perhaps…).

In recent years, wallpaper (at least as it has seemed to me…) is making a bit of a comeback as more and more people are incorporating wallcovering back into their home (the challenge now is that, because it was in such less demand, there are very few folks who know how to properly hang it in residential settings).

I am fortunate, that we are one of the outfits that has kept this unique skill up…

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But that is an example of a trend.


Something that was popular at one point, died down,
and then came back around again.

What About???


  • Between trade shows, relationships with vendors, and real field observations, I see many new and exciting things that are always popping up in our industry.
  • What seems to me to be the next big thing in Home Improvement appears to be anything that can function off of an app from a Smart Phone.

This phenomenon has been gaining steam for several years now.

Whether it is opening your garage doors as you are pulling up to your home, controlling your home’s heating/cooling system from far away, or monitoring your home through a surveillance equipment app while vacationing on a Caribbean island, the only limit appears to be the imagination!

Just as UBER and the like have dramatically changed the transportation industry, Home Improvement apps are chomping at the bit to affect their industry as well.

There are companies in EVERY industry aiming to be the next ‘UBER’.

While I have not found a singular app that can claim this clear cut title in our industry, I can say with great confidence that app development, and its penetration into Home Improvement across the board, is absolutely the ‘Next Big Thing’ and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future.



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