The Magical Leak

If you live in New England, the chances are that you have experienced a Nor’easter, even if you have not realized it at the time.

A Nor’easter is a wind & precipitation weather phenomena that is very unique.

Most often in New England, our “stormy” weather approaches from the South/Westernish area.

With Nor’easters, the storm approaches from the North/Easternish area.

Even in New England, when the term ‘Nor’easter’ is heard, it is most often associated with snow events.

As rare as Nor’easters are, a Nor’easter being a rain event is even more of a distinct occurrence.

When Nor’easters arrive that have rain aligned with them in some capacity, they can test the structures that are built for our homes and businesses in ways in which they are not normally tested.

Because of this, “magical” leaks, water stains, etc. often appear out of nowhere.

Throughout my time in the home improvement industry I have had numerous conversations with people that call in to our offices and (paraphrasing) say, “I have this weird leak, it does not happen every time it rains, only during certain rain storms when the wind may be blowing the rain in a certain way.”

Usually this mysterious leak will only show its face during a Nor’easter and could possibly be VERY challenging to figure out where it is coming from.


Even if the general area where the leak is stemming from is able to be nailed down and a normal water test is done (where the area is saturated by a garden hose in an attempt to pinpoint the leak), the leak may not be able to be found because of the absence of the wind conditions that often happen with a Nor’easter.

These types of leaks are often the most difficult to correct. If the point of entry is not able to be identified, the leak obviously is not able to be fixed.


The “natural” test needing to be done, may only happen any time a Nor’easter rolls through.

You can imagine the accomplishment one must feel though when one of these types of leaks is actually neutralized!

If this type of situation sounds familiar and you have that one, rare leak that you may not always remember is there, but every time it surfaces it frustrates the heck out of you, feel free to reach out to our office and have a conversation about it as I assure you, you are not alone!!

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