The Danger of Late Season Snowfall & Home Improvement Project Planning

The Danger of Late Season Snowfall & Home Improvement Project Planning


We, in Rhode Island this Winter, have been moving along relatively unscathed from a Winter Storm perspective.

There have been numerous Winter weather systems that have come through over the course of the Winter months, but we have certainly been very fortunate.

Most Wintry-type weather has passed North or South and barely nipped us, with few exceptions, delivering more of a punch with the rain associated with them than any ice, sleet, or snow.

Up until now.

I have no idea why the powers that be have essentially waited until March to start dumping snow on us in batches, but they have.

What does this have to do with Home Improvement?

A LOT, quite frankly.

With the really “normal” Rhode Island-type Winter weather waiting this late in the season to arrive, it can certainly provide us all with a false sense of comfort, allowing us to perhaps think that there is still plenty of time to plan our 2019 Home Improvement Projects or maybe even lead us to not start thinking about our Home Improvement Projects as of yet.

The challenge with this is that the majority of Home Improvement Contractors I am familiar with (including LOPCO Contracting) are already booked fairly solidly into 2019.

I cannot speak for others obviously, but for us, we had a tremendous amount of work that had to get moved to the Spring from 2018 due to a very challenging last five months of the year weather-wise.

August 2018 was extraordinarily hot & humid, September-November rained as it had never rained before in our region, and in December, Winter began to creep in.

Combine these carryovers with a Spring 2019 booking season that was pretty solid, and as the weather begins to improve, it is going to be very difficult to get folks into the schedule sooner rather than later.

If someone is waiting until the weather improves before reaching out or they naturally just would not have thought of things needing to be done Home Improvement-wise until the weather begins to get better, they may be waiting quite some time before their project is able to get going.

Although the weather outside may not look like Spring is ready to start ramping up, I encourage everyone not to be fooled.

Spring, literally, is right around the corner.

If you or someone you know has not looked into scheduling work on their home for whatever project might be next on the agenda, now is absolutely the time to get things rolling, before it is too late and the project is forced to be scheduled for much later in 2019 or worse yet! – some time in 2020!!


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