The Correct Treatment of Wrought Iron Rails….

The Correct Treatment of Wrought Iron Rails….

Wrought Iron Rails can be a BEAUTIFUL aspect of a home.


As with most areas of your home, if you are fortunate enough to have these often underappreciated works of art as decorative pieces, proper maintenance of them can ensure that they add a touch of beauty and functionality for many, many years.

Wrought iron rails themselves are often put in places where some type of rail system is necessary (whether of wood, metal, composite material, etc.) to aid in moving about; whether it be up a walkway or up a set of stairs, they are certainly a helpful tool in helping people navigate around areas where they often walk.


An added bonus, is what many consider their beauty and classic appearance.

Wrought iron rails that are located on the exterior of your home should be inspected at least once per year for any signs of rust.

The portions of the iron rails that would most likely be the place that rust would stem from would be the portion of the rail system that connects with the ground (typically a rail tied in to cement or concrete) or the very top of the rail system (where your hand would touch as you held on to the rail).



To treat the rust,

  • One should sand/grind off as much of the rust as possible and then prime the rusted areas with a good, rust oxide primer (a primer usually deemed – “For Use on Heavily Rusted Metal”).

And then,

  • A good finish should follow with a product that was meant to be used on this type of metal.

Once your iron rail system has a good finish,

  • Then it is just a matter of making sure it is free of mold and that you are able to minimize (as best you can) situations where the wrought iron is “soaking” in moisture.
  • This could mean keeping wet leaves and snow off the system or anything along those lines.
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