The BIGGEST Painting Mistake I ever made…????

The BIGGEST Painting Mistake I ever made…????


As a business owner, I do understand when coaching an employee through things, sometimes thoughts may cross their mind as if I am one that doesn’t make mistakes.

Every now and then I have one of them mention this to me as I am walking through something and I usually cannot help myself but to chuckle.

Whether they believe it or not, I tell them

(and I REALLY mean it!)

that I make more mistakes on a daily basis than probably

all of our employees combined!!

If I were to be asked what my biggest mistake in my actual painting days was, there would be several VERY good candidates!!!

My biggest mistake as a painter, however, I would have to say occurred way back in the year 1995…

I was just starting out in business and we were doing a new construction home.

The home was sided in cedar clapboard.

There were a ton of nail holes that had to be filled throughout the home.

For some reason, I thought it would be a good idea to fill all the nail holes with caulk.

The home was painted with a medium-tone olive color on the body.

When the painting process was complete and I stepped back to admire our work, the house was covered in dark-colored dots as EVERY nail hole that was filled was MUCH darker than the color all around it!!

What was determined to be the best way to fix it, was to, literally,


1) Dig out the caulk from every single nail hole!

2) Spot prime the nail holes.

3) Fill all the nail holes with the proper putty.

4) Spot prime the putty that was put in.

5) Completely prime all of the siding.

6) Apply 2 coats of finish.


As one might imagine,
this was a VERY expensive problem to properly correct.

To this day, I really don’t think the homeowner ever caught the mistake as the crew jumped right on fixing things and the home looked beautiful in the end.


My guess is the client just thought we had an EXTREMELY extensive prep process ?


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