Sprucing Things Up for the Holidays!!

Sprucing Things Up for the Holidays!!


With Thanksgiving just passing, we are now fast tracking to the end of the

year and all the Holidays that go along with the next several weeks.

As many of us have family coming over in different capacities, there seems to often be a certain type of pressure of making our homes look as warm and as inviting as possible to those guests that may be coming through.



Here are a number of Home Improvement ideas that may provide an even more

hospitable feel to what may already be a welcoming setting:


  • Wash the Exterior of your home [particularly if you have mildew & mold around your home or moldy walkways (that can often become slippery when wet)]
  • Paint/Refinish your Front Door or front entrance area – This is the area that seems to get more focused on during the Holidays than at any other point in the year as sometimes folks, literally, only use certain entrances during the Holidays.
  • Repaint your Kitchen, Dining Room, Common Bathroom or other area that may be getting much time spent in it by guests while they are over.
  • Change out Carpeting in Common areas or in rooms that people may be hanging out in.
  • Wash your Windows – This may seem silly but dirty windows, depending on how your home is set up, can easily get the attention of a guest if the right light hits them.
  • Make sure the Hardware on Doors your guests may be using is working properly and that the doors open & shut correctly – There are few things worse than being at someone’s home and the common bathroom door has a lock that does not work or its door does not close all the way…
  • Have your Heating System Serviced – This falls under “Murphy’s Law”…one of the more inopportune times for your heating system to malfunction is with guests over, having it serviced may easily help prevent a disaster.

Some of these items might be things you were planning on doing already.

Knowing that you have guests coming over can often expedite getting things done that you had

previously been contemplating doing for a while.

I’m sure there are many other items that can be added to this list, these are a just a number of them that popped in my mind.

Whether you are entertaining throughout the Holiday season, only have a few people coming over for one of the Holidays, or are not hosting anything at all but are making the rounds and visiting friends & family, I wish you and your family the very best this Holiday season and hope you seek as much enjoyment out of it that you possibly can….

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