Spring is Springing!! Now What Do I Do???

Spring is Springing!! Now What Do I Do???


This past week we have certainly gotten teased with what will hopefully be an upward trend in daily average temperatures.

After a late March burst of snow, following what seemingly has been eons since we have had a REALLY decent stretch of weather (a mundane Rhode Island Winter, record rains throughout the Fall, and an extraordinarily hot & humid August of 2018), I believe we are all ready for some GOOD outdoor weather.

The snow that we have recently gotten is well on its way to being out of here and in Rhode Island, we are all much more able to walk around the exterior perimeter of our homes and property than we were even just a week ago – TREMENDOUS!

What does this all mean though in terms of exterior home maintenance?


What do we do next?


Well, the first thing we should do is take a look around the exterior of our properties to see if anything is at the point that needs to be fixed and try to get ideas of how much it would cost to fix this.

Although this is a service we provide when called upon (it would be a $150 consult fee to come out and generate a list of visible repairs and the costs associated with them), this is absolutely something someone could do on their own.


Here are some key points of focus:


1) Exterior Washing of Home – does your home have dirt, mold, or mildew on it? – this is a great time of year to get it washed!!

2) Window Washing – many people clean their windows twice a year (once in the Spring & once in the Fall) – if embarking on this yourself, remember to use a squeegee vs. just a paper towel/newspaper/etc. by themselves.

3) Spring Yard Cleanup – removal of leaves/debris that may have gathered from over the winter, trim bushes/trees, dethatch lawn – Spring is a great time to set your yard’s foundation for the rest of the year.

4) Gutter System Check – make sure all downspouts are properly connected and clean/flush gutter system to make sure there are no leaks and the system is functioning as it should be.

5) Inspection of Paint and Stain Coatings – inspect anything that may be painted or stained outside – this includes the house itself, deck areas, any sheds or detached garage/other buildings – by doing this, if any issues of peeling are noticed, they can be nipped in the bud so that they do not lead to bigger issues (rotted wood, a paint job needing to be entirely re-done sooner than ideal, etc.).

This is a definitely a broad list, but it should be able to serve as a starting point as to some key ideas to pay attention to.

If you would like in depth assistance by us with any of this, please feel free to reach out to our office.

We look forward to welcoming in Spring with open arms!!!


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