Perhaps one of the more unsightly things that one might see, rust can really take away from the cosmetic appearance of any given finish but it can also, if left untreated, cause extraordinarily expensive repairs.

Rust forms when an iron or an alloy that contains iron (such as steel) is exposed to both oxygen & moisture over a period of time.

Another name for rust is ‘iron oxide’.

If you were to search it out, you could most likely find rust everywhere – rusted nail heads on the front of someone’s home, rusted steel windows, bridges, etc.

Corrosion due to rust is no joking matter.

Dealing with rust can be particularly frustrating because the rust can gradually sneak up on you over a period of time.

Left untreated, to replace an item that is rusted to the point that it needs to be replaced is normally quite the expensive endeavor.

We deal with it quite frequently as it seems like we are constantly replacing steel bulkheads, wrought iron rail systems, and the like which have rotted out on our Clients and now have to be changed out.

The best way to prevent rust is to appropriately coat rust susceptible surfaces with the correct paint system right from the time they are installed.

This will ensure that these areas are rust-free for years and years without having to be tended to.

If rust has set in, all is not lost,

especially if you catch it in time before it does any extensive damage.


To deal with rust that has already set in, we recommend sanding/grinding all the rust off the surface it has formed on.

From there a good quality “rust oxide” (a term we coined years ago) primer should be applied and then the surfaces should be properly finish coated with a finish that was made for these types of metal surfaces.

If not treated in this manner and,

as an example, just simply coated with regular primer and finish paint, the rust will surely pop its head back up again.

Rust certainly is not pleasant to look at nor is it pleasant for the structural integrity for the surface it is forming on.


If it can be prevented or if it can be neutralized early enough though, rust can absolutely be kept in check!!

Here is a YouTube video I did on the subject!

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