Possibly the MOST Advanced Flat Roof System YET!!!

Possibly the MOST Advanced Flat Roof System YET!!!



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Possibly the Most Advanced Flat Roof System to DATE!
This is not a joke.
50+ years.

Throughout our part of the country, we have quite the variety of flat roofs that typically need maintenance, minimally, once every ‘x’ number of years.

Flat roofs can be made from rubber, they can be made out of some type of metal, they can even be made out of tar & gravel among other possible building materials.

Regardless of what they are currently made out of, there is a solution that exists nowadays that offers the best protection (that we have found) in terms of protecting these areas on a long term basis.

That solution is a modified version of the Gaco roof system.


The Gaco roof system is a roof system that I refer to as a “liquefied silicone”. It is a REALLY thick material that is best applied with a paint roller system and disposable brushes (do not plan on using these items again after applying the system – they will be WRECKED!).

Once properly applied, the Gaco system should last for, literally, at least 50 years before needing to be addressed again. This is not a joke. 50+ years.

One of the biggest keys behind the roof system is the primer system that the Gaco product itself is attached to.

There are specific products that Gaco recommends as a bonding primer and I would absolutely not steer you away from those.

After a bit of experimentation, however, we have found products that we believe provide even stronger adhesion in-line with the substrate that they are initially applied to.


As one example, when converting a tar & gravel roof, we suggest first vacuuming up & properly disposing of all of the gravel.

From there, we apply two coats of an alcohol-based shellac primer (we prefer BIN by Zinsser) and then two finish coats of the Gaco product.

We have found the BIN to do a great job of sealing in and neutralizing the tar on the roof and forming a coating that provides phenomenal “bite” for the Gaco product to adhere to.


With rubber roofs, we use the BIN as well.


With “old-school”, rusting, ferrous metal roofs, we use a rust oxide primer as the bonding (and also “rust-neutralizing”) coat once the surface has been properly prepped.


Whether using the “Gaco”-recommended primer systems or a bonding system similar to what we have developed for the Gaco product in different situations, if done properly in either case, I believe you are certain to have the most solid flat roof protection system that one will find in place on your roof, one that will not have to be touched for very possibly many decades!

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