Perhaps The Best Spring Gardening Tip Ever…

Perhaps The Best Spring Gardening Tip Ever…

Although surely not everyone celebrates, for those that do, Easter is a very special time! Not only for Spiritual reasons, but Easter often seems to symbolically run parallel with the beginning of Spring.

Although not always the warmest of days, this year, with Easter being a bit later than it often is, folks who garden are most likely well on their way toward situating things in place.

Being a Home Improvement Contractor, “I guess” gardening is something that somehow can technically fall under the category that our industry envelopes me into.

Honestly, I am probably the last person on the planet that should be offering any type of gardening advice.

My thumb is about as green as piece of mahogany… 

(i.e. – not one bit).

So then, what makes me think I can write a column about the best gardening tip ever?

It’s quite simple actually!!

My best gardening tip ever is to PROTECT your gardens, particularly those that have vegetation growing within them that may be particularly yummy for different types of animals that might be passing through your yard.

Whether it be deer, groundhogs, rabbits, etc., properly guarding your hard-earned brewing harvest is of utmost importance.

In fact, if you do not take proper precautions to defend your up and coming greenery/vegetation, why even aim to attempt growing things in the first place?

To those veteran growers this may seem like common sense, but you would be surprised at how many Clients we have that are heartbroken by a compromised or destroyed garden that could have easily been safeguarded.

Depending on how your yard/garden is configured, there are number of ideas that can be found all over the Internet for helping out.

Once in a while, we have a Client that hires us to help them construct some type of screening enclosure to help ward off potential vegetative pilferers..


Sometimes they are simple…

Sometimes they can be very complex…

Whether hiring a company like ours to construct some type of protective housing that the architects of Fort Knox would be jealous of or simply utilizing one of the wide variety of home remedy- type of suggestions readily found online…

The message is the same…

Protect your hard work!!

After all, the feeling of internal fulfillment after gathering a bountiful harvest is MUCH better to have than the feeling of loss after one of our furry friends made off with your tomatoes right before they were fully ripe!!

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