Painting Glossy Interior Trim…and Getting the Paint to Stick!!

Painting Glossy Interior Trim…and Getting the Paint to Stick!!


With all of the excitement in the residential real estate market these days, there are many folks moving into new homes.

One of the first things that people often do when they get that new set of keys, is to paint the inside of the new home prior to them moving in so that the paint job is knocked out before the house is filled with their belongings.


Sometimes a professional is hired, sometimes people paint on their own!

 For some reason, a relatively simple thing to do regarding interior trim painting that is on occasion not done, often occurs and potential problems may often arise down the line as a result. The interior trim on the home can many times painted with an old oil glossy paint or an acrylic product with quite the sheen to it.

If this trim is not prepped properly,

there is a good chance the top coat will not properly bond.

Perhaps you may have seen the after-effects of not properly prepping the trim???

If the trim in this particular type of situation gets nicked in any way, the small bit of peeling paint that results can easily peel off in sheets when going to fuss with it afterward.

This is often an extraordinarily frustrating situation and one that is highly avoidable.


If the trim is prepped properly when it is painted, this problem should NEVER occur.


Prepping the trim is really simple.

  • The existing coating should be lightly sanded, cleaned of any dust, and then primed with an alcohol-based shellac.


That’s it. Literally.

  • After this you are ready for top coat (assuming any gaps/holes are filled into your satisfaction).

Now there are a few different ways to approach this issue.

The above-mentioned method happens to be the one that we typically utilize.

Our company has no choice.

We have to back up our work for 5 years after the job is done; in every situation,

we have to use what we believe will maximize the lifetime of whatever we are doing for the client.

While certainly not the only way to assure that your interior trim paint found in the conditions described will not peel, the prescribed method is one that we can guarantee will NOT introduce you to the annoyance of chasing peeling trim paint in this situation should your door frame, window frame, or baseboard be accidentally disturbed at some point in the future.

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