Navigating A Home Improvement Nightmare!!…

Navigating A Home Improvement Nightmare!!…

This past week I walked into a situation that I have, sadly, seen many times before.

I had a Client reach out to me that had hired someone to help them out with a Home Improvement Project who ran into some challenges and kind of left the Homeowner with a started, but never finished, project.

The Contractor was a family/friend type of referral and from what our Client knew, had done good work in the past, prior to working on their home.

I had another Client recently reach out to me that had some roof damage which subsequently led to more damage to the living spaces underneath it.

(as it effectively rained inside their home for quite some time each occasion precipitation fell after that…).

The Contractor that originally started to work on the project put a tarp on the leaky area (well after it probably should have been put on…), argued with the insurance company for the better part of a year, and now the Client has a bit of a mold problem to contend with as things never really got settled.

This situation, again, was a family/friend type of referral.

After some digging, it became quite evident that this specific Contractor did not seem used to working with insurance companies in these types of situations and the Client and their home ended up being put through the wringer as a by-product of things.

Fortunately, I believe LOPCO will be able to help both of these Clients through each of their situations.

Unfortunately, these types of experiences often seem to be more of the rule than the exception when it comes to Contractors.

In our approximate 25 years in business, we have seen very similar situations occur again and again.

I understand that not every project is going to run smoothly.

Heck, every now and again we run into situations on projects where things just happen that we have no explanation for.

We then have to work really hard to get to the end of a project with our Client while remaining on as amicable terms as possible!

I believe the difference is the experience of the Contractor hired for a particular type of project as well as the systems that are in place on a company level that will help navigate through rough spots in project schedules.

This past Fall, we had more rain in Southern New England than we have ever had.

Combine that with an August that was hotter & humid than normal (making outside working conditions pretty unbearable) and we had a recipe for a very uncomfortable several month stretch, working through any project that had an exterior component associated with it.

We had projects scheduled for August that did not get completed (or even started, in some cases) until much, much later.

The whole time we were facing this situation, we tried to be as accessible to our Clients as possible to reassure them that they were in very good hands and we would get them tightened up as soon as we possibly could.

I had several, face-to-face meetings myself with Clients working to reassure them of things.

We even had a number of projects that had to be moved to the Spring because we just simply ran out of acceptable weather to complete things.

As hectic as it was, we worked to stay the course.

Accordingly, I certainly feel bad when I hear of homeowners working through situations where they may have been taken advantage of to some capacity or the Contractor that they were working with was in way of their head with what the Contractor thought they were getting into.

There are obviously many reasons why nightmarish Home Improvement circumstances occur.

I personally feel really good when we are able to lend a hand and help someone that has had a pit in their stomach for quite some time going through horribly, unsettling situations that they feel they have nowhere to turn.

If you happen to know someone that may be going through something like this and they really have no idea what to do, please have them reach out to our office.

I would love to see if it may be something we could help out with.



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