Insect Damage!!!

Insect Damage!!!

Insect Damage!!!


Perhaps one of the most destructive situations someone can have happening around their home…and not even know it!!! – insect damage can be quite the disaster.

We see so many instances where Clients have insects – termites, carpenter ants, etc. – chomping away at the wood on their home and they don’t even know it.

For the most part, these pesky creatures gravitate toward water.


In the summer when it is a less moist time of year and finding water can be difficult, it is not unusual to see insects on the exterior of the home in a search to get quenched.

Many times people see critters such as carpenter ants crawling on their exterior walls and not thinking anything of it due to the fact that they are outdoors and after all, why wouldn’t they be there??

Unfortunately this way of thinking could lead to a delay in action that could be taken to prevent some pretty major damage.



Often, as with most pests, if you already see a number of these creepy crawlies, there can be a whole lot more hanging around somewhere beneath the surface.

As preventative maintenance, we recommend regular preventative treatments – perhaps even by a quality pest control company – particularly if you live in a wooded area.

If you happen to see more pronounced signs – such as a pile of sawdust at the base of your foundation– a much more aggressive treatment may be needed as destruction behind your exterior finished walls may be already underway.

We often discover insect damage in the field when it is in its advanced stages as we are repairing someone’s home.

This is NOT the ideal time to start combating these deviants as by the time we find them, a significant amount of damage can be already done.

So keep your eyes open and think seriously about conducting regular wood-eating insect prevention treatments.


(if this is not being done as of yet).


Your home will thank you for it!!




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