If You Have a Chimney on Your Home, THIS is NOT Optional!!

If You Have a Chimney on Your Home, THIS is NOT Optional!!


We all hear the horror stories.

Someone enjoying the warmth and aura of their fireplace, on a cool Fall or cold Winter night, when all of a sudden they hear a loud popping and cracking noise, perhaps accompanied by dense smoke.


With their heart-pounding, they immediately call the fire department,

which comes out and informs the unfortunate homeowner that they were experiencing a fire in their chimney.


This is actually the MOST fortunate scenario in this particular type of situation.


The REAL unfortunate event would occur if the fire began to spread beyond the chimney

Which is NOT an uncommon occurrence.


How does something like this happen??

Youchimney is a significant ventilation system that allows smoke, toxins, and dangerous fumes to be released safely from our homes.

When a chimney is clean, these hazardous fumes, smoke, and various toxins can easily escape our homes.

When a chimney is not clean, things such as creosote (a flammable tar) are generally built up on the inside of the chimney flute and can lead down the path to the scenario described earlier where, at BEST, the fire department is ayour home putting out a chimney fire.

So how is this type of situation prevented?

Quite simply, by having youchimney swept once per year.




A chimney sweep’s job is to remove built-up creosote, soot, and other blockages from the inside of youchimney.






By doing this, you are not only preventing an obvious fire hazard, but you are also increasing the efficiency of the chimney itself.

If you have not had youchimney swept in more than a year, I would suggest having it done in the Fall (before the time of the year where it typically gets its most use).

From a maintenance perspective, the ideal time to get on the schedule would be to have youchimney swept every Spring when there is usually less of a wait.

This is NOT something that should be played around with however.

If youchimney has not been swept in a while, it REALLY is imperative to do it before Winter arrives.


Otherwise, you may be relaxing in the warmth of your home on a cooler day, when you start to hear popping and cracking coming from youchimney and the sure to follow chaos that could have been prevented by merely having youchimney cleaned.

If you or someone you know would like to have a discussion about cleaning youchimney, please feel free to reach out to us as we would be happy to have the conversation with you.

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