How Valuable is that Old Ladder??

How Valuable is that Old Ladder??




A HUGE number of homeowners have ladders lying around their home in one place or another.

Some are constantly used.

Some may be used once per year.





Some may just be sitting around collecting dust, with the intention of being used, but never end up being utilized for anything.

Whatever the case may be, there may come a point in time in a ladder’s life, where the decision is made to find a new owner for the ladder.

If this time comes, there could be some question as to what amount of money makes sense to sell the ladder for.




Being fortunate enough to be in the home improvement industry with a growing company over the past 25 years, we are in a position where we are constantly buying ladders and have formulated a pretty good sense as to what a ladder is worth.

Over time, as I have seen ladders for sale, I have noticed that they are placed for sale all over the price scale.

Now I am sure that this may certainly be true with whatever used item may be being sold anywhere.

I thought it might useful though if perhaps I shared what we generally thought of as fair prices for ladders we generally deem best to go after.

I preface this by saying, we do not use wooden ladders at all.

We also do not use aluminum stepladders whatsoever.


Here would be what I believe to be the most fair pricing with the corresponding most common kind of ladders that we generally go after (it should be noted that these are regardless of ladder type – Type I, IA, II, etc.):


  • 6’ Step (fiberglass): $25
  • 8’ Step (fiberglass): $50
  • 24’ ladder (aluminum or fiberglass): $100
  • “Little Giant” (aluminum, all sizes): $100
  • 32’ ladder (aluminum or fiberglass): $150
  • 40’ ladder (aluminum or fiberglass): $200


Obviously there are a lot more potential ladder options out there, these are just the most common that we usually chase after.

Do you have an old ladder sitting around the house, collecting dust, that you have no idea who might be willing to buy it from you?

Well, if you do get stuck, we would most likely be willing to take it off your hands.

Heck, now you even know what we would be willing to pay you for it!!

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