How to know which Colors to Pick for your Home?

How to know which Colors to Pick for your Home?


One year, many moons ago, we had a booth at a couple of local Home Shows and I was trying to come up with an idea of a theme for the booth.


I stumbled across a book at a paint store whose title was ‘What Does Your Birthday Color Say About You?’

Brilliant!! I decided to build the booth around that theme.


I had bought two copies of that little book and I probably could have bought many more as the book turned out to spark many conversations about color.


Color is one of the most critical components in Home Improvement.


Whether it is interior or exterior painting, roofing, or even accent features for your home, the colors around your home are a way for you to express who you are.

There are so many ways in which color can be used to make your home feel modern, comfortable, and truly like YOUR home.

Sometimes people are very confident in picking colors on their own.

Other times, they feel good about doing it, but appreciate someone’s outside opinion as to if they are heading in the correct direction.

Still other times, people are, often admittedly, completely clueless of what color to pick for whatever it is they are looking to do.





No matter where they stand on this scale, when we work with them, we always make a color consultant available to them to aid in color selection, at no additional cost to them.




If someone had wanted to hire a consultant on their own, they can obviously certainly do so.

If choosing to hire outside help with regard to color consulting, my suggestion is to ask your local paint or hardware store for a reputable referral.

The color consultant may also happen to be an interior designer, but does not necessarily have to be.




If choosing to hire a color consultant, good ones typically start at $75/hour or higher.





Whether hiring someone to help in color selection for your project or working through the variety of colors available on your own, choosing a color for whatever it is you are doing may actually be the most challenging part of your ENTIRE project!!

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