Holiday Interior Painting Ideas

Holiday Interior Painting Ideas


Perhaps you have been hosting some faction of the Holidays at your home for quite some time.

Perhaps this is the very first time you have been called upon to host (which you gleefully accepted…even though now you may be wondering what the heck you have gotten yourself into!).



Whatever the case may be, you may be looking for different ways of making your home more cozy and inviting for whichever guests may be popping over for a visit.

Whether just a friend or dinner for 30, it is always nice to create as welcoming an environment as possible for whomever may be coming by.

There are a number of things that could be done to help with this.

Obviously de-cluttering and decorating are at the top of the list.



If you wanted to do something a little “more” though, some interior painting may go a long way!

No matter if you do it or if a professional does it, if properly approached, clean, crisp, interior painting in just the right places can make a HUGE difference.

Here are some areas that may make sense to focus on:





Living Room

Dining Room

Common Bathrooms

Ceilings & trim in general



There is no real pecking order to this, just areas where your guests may be most likely to frequent.


New paint can be extraordinarily soothing.


Not just for the times during the Holidays where you may be entertaining, but for the time after the Holidays when you are able to truly enjoy that one area that has been bugging you for years of wanting to get painted!


Picking the most appropriate color can certainly be an obstacle for some people and could even prevent them from pulling the trigger on a paint job right before the Holidays.


If possibly talking to and maybe hiring us for any interior painting project you may be contemplating doing makes sense, all of our paint jobs come with a professional color consultation with no additional cost to our Clients.


The Holidays are a terrific time to catch up with family and friends of what has transpired in everyone’s life since the last time you have seen each other.

What can make it even more terrific though is doing so in an environment (perhaps freshly painted!) that adds to the special feeling of the occasion ?

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