Historical Artifact Adventures! Read or Listen!

Historical Artifact Adventures! Read or Listen!


On a recent Friday night I was on my way home from the Shop and was trying to figure out what to do.
It was an odd situation as there was some type of mix-up with my 5pm appointment, all of my most immediate paperwork was seemingly caught up on, and our staff had wrapped things up for the week.
On the home front, everyone apparently had things going on from school dances to work obligations, etc.

I all of a sudden found myself alone with nothing pressing to do.

VERY weird!!

As I was thinking about this, I happened to glance at my phone and noticed a missed call from someone in the community who we typically help out with a wide variety of things.
I called her back and the next thing you know; I was in the middle of a park in Providence, RI where we had volunteered much time in the past.

I was there looking at, to me, what appeared to be some type of ancient object.


The massive cast of a being turned out to be an extremely rare, unique type of safe that was utilized decades ago in an old factory that used to stand on the site of the park.

Hence the phone to call me.


When I arrived, we worked on a plan to restore the exterior of the safe as best as possible and also to figure out plans to add protection to it from possible graffiti vandals..(an unfortunate necessity with these types of situations).

This is not the first time we have been called in to help restore a neat piece of history.

As another example, in the past we also restored a Historic Caboose in West Warwick, RI.

Couple this with the long, storied experience of working on some of the most historic buildings one can find, and I would certainly say that things like this are something I thoroughly enjoy being a part of.
Being called in on a free Friday evening to help out with a sweet restoration project like this one, is definitely much more appealing to me than most other things I can think of.



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