Guarding Against Unwanted “Visitors”

Guarding Against Unwanted “Visitors”

One steamy Saturday last summer, I had just fallen asleep when I was awakened to screams in my house like one had never heard before! I woke up extremely startled and as I raced for the door to find out what the heck was going on, I heard my better half screeching, “A bat! A bat!!!”

Sure enough, as I swung open the bedroom door, I saw what seemed to be the biggest bat on the planet with its wings fully stretched out across my entire hallway!

After a bit of strategic game planning, I was able to get the bat out of the house safely for both our family and the bat; but how did the bat get in the house in the first place???

This is a question many people may often wonder. Not solely regarding bats, but smaller animals in general – particularly this time of year when it gets significantly cooler outside and our smaller “friends” aim to find a way to nestle in for winter.

We see situations all the time where these “visitors” find their way into our clients’ homes – mice, bats, snakes, squirrels, etc., etc. – certainly not the most ideal to run across as one is going about their everyday business.

How do we prevent critters such as these from getting inside in the first place?

Many of them do not need a hole bigger than the size of a dime to work their way in.

It is VERY important (as I obviously found out…) to periodically inspect your home’s exterior for possible points of entry and to properly neutralize them.

My suggestion is to start with areas of the most easiest access:

– Holes that may be lower on the foundation

– Holes that could be near the top of the chimney/in the roof area

– Rotted wood that could easily be burrowed through and allow an animal inside

– Trees that overhang the home and allow a natural bridge for squirrels (who can then chew their way in through an attic vent, soffit, etc.)

In addition to the list above, any hole that looks like a smaller animal could possibly make their way in should properly be plugged.

If even a small inspection such as what has been suggested above is not done, you may find yourself surrounded by screams in the middle of the night like I did and I have to tell you, there are MANY more things I would rather be doing on a Saturday night than chasing a bat around the house!!

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