Exterior Spring Maintenance Hints!

Exterior Spring Maintenance Hints!



As Winter gradually works its way out and temperatures begin to rise, many New Englanders participate in the unofficial annual tradition of taking a look at the outside of their property to inspect for any damage that has occurred over the last several months.


What exactly should we all be looking for?


That is a great question!


Here are a number of items that may be helpful to use as a guideline:


  • Gutter system maintenance: make sure all gutter systems are free-flowing, fully functional, and that all pieces of the gutter & downspout system are properly connected
  • Excessive mold or mildew growth: check the exterior of the home, walkways, and patio areas for places where this may be occurring and clean/wash as necessary
  • Exterior paint coating: be sure paint on the outside of the home is not peeling or chipping, if it is, touch-up areas that can be touched up or consider repainting entire sides of the home (or the ENTIRE home!) if necessary
  • Rotted wood: inspect for areas that have deteriorated to the point where the wood is now rotted, change out these areas with a premium wood product or a comparable shaped composite product if applicable
  • Windows & doors: test all your windows & doors to make sure they properly open & close and clean the glass on them (both inside & out) as appropriate; make any repairs needed as they are discovered



Spring in New England is an absolutely AWESOME time of year!


No matter how dreary the Winter may be, Spring is a time for renewal on many levels and gets us all pumped up that Summer is not too far away.

Spring is a great time of year to take care of your exterior maintenance needs as doing so provides a firm foundation to really have a chance and enjoy your home in the warmer months to come.

This all starts with inspecting the outside and helping to formulate a game plan of how best to tighten things up.

For many New Englanders, it is MUCH more preferable to take care of exterior maintenance in the early Spring so that as things do warm up, our beautiful region can be enjoyed to its highest levels!!






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