Does Your Home Have Hidden Mold?

Does Your Home Have Hidden Mold?


Probably one of the things that any home or property owner cringes at the thought of as it relates to existing within their living or operating space.

Mold can create a plethora of health challenges.

I, myself am very fortunate when it comes to health overall but am apparently allergic to some rare type of mold that shows itself with exterior climate changes and triggers an annoying cough that sounds absolutely horrible….

It also seems to surface when I am in certain types of buildings for extended periods of time…

(think at an all-day seminar in a hotel).

Over the past almost 25 years since I have known of the cough’s existence,

I still have not found a solution for it ….

(and believe me, I have tried seemingly EVERYTHING!).


But if all I get is a nuisance cough out of it, I consider myself lucky.

Some have much more severe reactions to mold.

Now, imagine if a harmful mold were lurking in your home and you were sleeping with it around you every night.

This scenario is not good for healthy people, never even mind if your body is prone to have highly adverse reactions to exposure to certain types of mold to begin with.

We certainly run into mold in homes and businesses often enough.

Usually the mold we come across stems its growth from either moisture or humidity.

Mold can begin from a leak that has/had allowed exterior water to come into a home or building for a length of time and congregated in an area that did not allow it to dry properly.

I have seen other instances (one recently) where mold grows with a sudden drastic change in the environment of a building (think old, uninsulated home that all of a sudden gets vinyl siding installed on its exterior and a new roof put on without any type of proper venting or internal humidity control installed at the same time).


There are a quite a number of things that can stimulate mold growth.

If you spot mold and are curious as to whether the mold is potentially harmful, there are companies that can come out and run tests to tell you if the mold should be a cause for concern.

I have found that most folks spotting any type of mold, however, seem to want to mitigate it as soon as possible though and typically could care less about the extent of its “technical” harm.

The thought of mold anywhere around the home is stomach turning for the typical home or property owner.


there are a number of ways to combat this uncomfortable phenomena should it be found,

no matter how small or large the issue may be!




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