Ceiling Water Stains…..

Ceiling Water Stains…..


Ask any experienced realtor how they feel about water stains that are found on ceilings in homes that they are trying to sell, and you will almost feel the realtor’s blood pressure rise and see the look of someone who is experiencing electric shockwaves running through their heart.

Whether someone is buying a home, visiting a friend, or perhaps just inspecting around their own home, coming across a water-stained ceiling often leads to speculation of greater issues than may actually exist.

  • The water stain may be from an ice dam from the previous winter.
  • The water stain might be from a leaky roof that has long since been fixed.

The water stain might also be coming from an unknown area that has yet to be determined and only is affected during rainstorms of certain volumes coming from certain angles!

Whatever the root cause of the water stain is, it is most often preferable to neutralize the water stain and repaint the ceiling that the water stain is found on as quickly as possible.

There are a number of different remedies on the market for getting rid of water stains.

The one that I have personally found to be most effective is to first seal the water stain (assuming the source of the water stain has been corrected and the ceiling area around it is dry & mold-free).

The sealant that is our “go-to” sealant is an alcohol-based, white pigmented shellac. If this is applied to an inactive water stain, you will NEVER have a challenge of it leaking through your ceiling finish. With other sealants, the long terms effect of them working or not can be a “roll-of-the-dice”.

After the water stain is sealed, the ceiling can be painted with 1-2 coats (depending upon what is deemed necessary) of a finish that one may find suitable for the ceiling that is being painted.

The coming months are a great time to address water stain issues because as the weather warms, windows can often be comfortably left open and the home/building aired out as the process is being done.

When one sees a water stain, the mind can certainly wonder as to what types of “problems” the home/building they are in has that are causing these stains.

The best way to avoid what can be an uncomfortable conversation down the road, is to neutralize the causes of water stains and correct the water stain itself as soon as one is possibly able to do so.

If you have any questions on the water stain phenomena, feel free to reach out to us!!

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